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Tintinland: The imaginary theme-park

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#1 · Posted: 4 Sep 2004 01:10 · Edited by: jock123
Having enjoyed my stay, and admired the care and attention to detail at Parc Astérix, it got me to thinking, "Hey! Why no Tintinland??"

The more I thought about it, the better the idea became, and the more I want to see it happen.

Picture, if you will, arriving at the entrance, which I imagine to be like the station and village at Moulinsart (Information, tickets, shops and outlets etc. in the village, and the train to take you to different parts of the park. Note the statue of Hergé and Tintin as you cross the square...

Along the central avenue, leading away from the gates, you can look up at the full-size replica of the Captain's château - it is the centre of the park, and contains the "Musée Imaginaire", with all the objects documented in Tintin's adventures (with a wing for JZ&J, Mr Mops, Totor etc.).

To your left is the Jungle - experience the thrill of the Condor ride, and splash through the waterfall to the splendid Inca Temple (three shows daily!) as well as enjoying the food and shops at Tapiocopolis. Why not go on a canoe trip along our crocodile-infested river, to the village of the Arumbayas (the bananas hanging upside-down in the trees are a nice touch, don't you think?). It also contains the fabulous "Seven Crystal Balls" ride, with its animatronic mummy and fantastic 3-D effects: be afraid! Smaller visitors might like to join in at the "Speaking Elephant" show, or try charming a snake...

To the right of the entrance is The City: experience the streets of old Brussels or the bustle of Chicago! Walk down Labrador Road, visit the flea-market, or "climb" the front of a skyscraper. Take a tour of the wharves (is that the "Karaboudjan"?), where you can catch a ferry out into the lagoon and cross to The Islands.

Home of the "Red Rackham's Pirate Experience", you can take a voyage in one of the large "Shark Subs" past the sunken galleon and hunt for treasure; visit the castle and re-live the Black Island (keep your hands inside the car - the gorilla means business!), after which you might want to wander down the village high-street to "Ye White Hart" for a drink and a snack. The battle between Red Rackham and Sir Francis out in the lagoon is an unmissable event, especially at dusk.

Moving on, and avoiding the tempatations of Oliveira da Figueira's shopping mall, you cross into the Desert area: go on a crazy jeep ride, try diving into a mirage, take a tour of Khemed, and explore the magnificent Egyptian temple and underground headquarters of the Khi-Osk gang.

No trip would be complete without a special visit to Syldavia (but beware the Bordurian agents!): Ottokar's castle and the thrilling Tank Chase are just two of the features, but most people head straight to the Space Centre to see the iconic rocket (notice how cunningly the forced perspective makes it look just huge!) and to take the VR ride on the journey to the moon.

So, not forgetting to take in a show at the Music Hall, or to visit the Alph-Art Gallery, where the tribute to Hergé collection exhibits the works of contemporary artists, or to try Calcu-Color or rocket skates at Calculus's Lab, or to watch the Thompsons' stunt spectacular, you can spend many happy days touring Tintin's very own world...
#2 · Posted: 4 Sep 2004 02:21
I like this idea very much and I thought of the idea long ago but in no where near as much detail. Well done! Here's hoping this comes to fruitation!
#3 · Posted: 4 Sep 2004 09:11
Yeh I always thought it'd make a good park. Needs more rollercoasters though, possibly themed around the moon.

UK Correspondent
#4 · Posted: 4 Sep 2004 11:03
I want to go ! I don't care that it doesn't exist, I want to go. It sounds absolutely great, and I'm sure it would be a huge success if built in Belgium or France (as opposed to the infamous "Blobby Land" at Morecambe, UK).
#5 · Posted: 4 Sep 2004 11:35
The VR moon ride offers the best of a roller-coaster using the most up-to-date virtual technology, but if you want a more traditional experience, go on the “Asteroid”.

You didn’t see the signs to the “Asteroid” coaster at the space-centre? Chase after the Captain through the blackness of space, avoiding the meteor shower? I must get a park-keeper to check the signage... The problem is that the crowds for the Syldavian Folk Dancing display block the central area and hide the signs…

In the meantime, try the Sarcophagus Splash ride in the Desert section, the Careering Train Carriage (a wooden coaster) over at the Jungle, or for younger visitors The Thompson’s Plunging ‘Planes offer a smaller roller-coaster.
#6 · Posted: 4 Sep 2004 13:44 · Edited by: GurraJG
I like it. I like it a lot!!

#7 · Posted: 4 Sep 2004 14:01
Boy - people do have lots of imagination
#8 · Posted: 4 Sep 2004 17:49
Richard, are you suggesting that “Blobby Land” wasn’t to your taste??

Oh, and somehow all my punctuation appears to have vanished! There are apostrophe thieves about!
#9 · Posted: 4 Sep 2004 19:21
I remember Blobby Land, I think the poor town of Morecambe is still paying compensation to Noel Edmunds for closing it down.

More on topic there's absolutely loads of ride ideas really, I think it would be a huge success. We can also have Captain Haddock's Whiskey Bar for the Dad's

#10 · Posted: 4 Sep 2004 20:42
It’s a small point, but it’s Scotch that the Captain drinks, which is “whisky”, not “whiskey” - if your souvenir tee-shirt has “Whiskey Bar” on it, then I’m afraid it’s a pirate; I’d ask you not to buy the knock-off souvenirs on sale outside the Park, as it it costs a fortune to run - official merchandise only, please!

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