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How popular is Tintin in your country?

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#31 · Posted: 2 Feb 2012 11:26
I'm one of the few people who knows Tintin here in the Philippines. I'm also one of the founders of Tintin fan group in the Philippines. People here wonder why I'm such a Tintin nutcase
#32 · Posted: 2 Feb 2012 20:55
In the U.S. Tin Tin is very well-known in certain parts of the country and unknown in other parts. After all, it's a big country. My husband grew up reading his beloved set of Tin Tin books, and my son, who is now in high school, loved it just as much. His elementary school always had a full set and when I volunteered in the library those books were some of the most popular among the kids. In fact the Tin Tin books were checked out so frequently we needed to check them for repairs more often than most.
#33 · Posted: 3 Feb 2012 04:06

What I meant about Tintin being the "dark side of America" is that, one of the negative things about this country, is the lack of Tintin here. I wish we had Tintin here, like they do in Europe. Nothing Star Wars related.
#34 · Posted: 4 Feb 2012 01:07 · Edited by: Moderator
I was one of the more fewer people who knew Tintin here in my country, The Philippines.

Where can I find a Tintin Fan Base? I always thought South Korea, The Philippines and The US doesn't recognize Tintin.

From member Kristintin:
Hi Minamikousaka! Yes, there only 2 Tintinologist here in the Philippines that I know: Me and Tintinagalog. You can like our facebook page: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Philippines.

Moderator note: Hello, Minamikousaka. Please stay on topic. Create another thread if you wish to talk about something else--but make sure there isn't already an existing thread covering the same subject. Let's keep the forums neat and tidy.
Marquis de Gorgonzola
#35 · Posted: 14 Feb 2012 17:35
I'm from Germany and Tintin is very popular here, but many Germans think, Tintin (or Tim, in German) is just for children.
Star Child
#36 · Posted: 9 Mar 2012 16:59
No, he's not popular in South Africa, I'm sorry to say. The only thing people know him for is the movie.

By the way, any South African Tintinologists here?
#37 · Posted: 28 Mar 2012 08:24
I live in the United States and will echo the views from my fellow American fans- Tintin is virtually unknown in this part of the World. In fact, it was my biggest disappointment when I moved to the US. I asked around a few of my friends and colleagues(before the release of the movie) about Tintin, and I was met with quizzical looks. I don't know how popular Tintin has become since the release, but not too optimistic on that. :/
#38 · Posted: 23 Apr 2013 09:04
Again, the U.S. is a big country. It is unreasonable to consider a few people a valid and representative cross section of the U.S.
I grew up in a city where the series was not popular at all (I don't even spell the name correctly!) and I only learned about it through my husband, who grew up in a city where it was very popular.
Both cities were relatively small, university cities in the western states.
Our son was born and raised in one of the largest West Coast cities, where it has been very popular for decades, and other family members are from both large cities and small villages on the East Coast (in NY & PA), where the series has had a huge following (also for decades).
Now just because I know people in at least four states (and several cities) where their communities were huge fans, should I assume that the entire U.S. population are fans?
What I can deduce is that in some U.S. communities Tintin is very popular and very well known, and in other communities in the U.S. Tintin is not popular and not well known.
My mother's family is from Italy and her family and their friends were not raised to know Tintin. Should I then assume that Italians know nothing of Tintin? That is ridiculous.
One cannot generalize about smaller and less populated countries, so why even try to generalize about such a large and heavily populated country as this?
I began looking at this site because I was looking for information for my husband on a particular edition that interested him, but I am disappointed with these generalizations. Time to move on.
Good luck with finding your community! I'm sure you won't have far to look…
#39 · Posted: 23 Apr 2013 19:16
One cannot generalize about smaller and less populated countries, so why even try to generalize about such a large and heavily populated country as this?

I’m sorry that this topic seems to have exercised you so, it obviously wasn’t the intention; I would point out that generalizations have been made by many members, from all over the place including the States, so perhaps the best course is just to think of this as an opportunity to educate people in the error of their ways?
Everyone makes mistakes (you suggest that the U.S. is a heavily populated country, when it is in fact an extremely sparsely populated country - the U.K. has 673 people per square mile, the U.S. only 89, just for comparison…), but they are just that - errors and incorrect assumptions - please don’t take it personally: we value your insight!
#40 · Posted: 31 Jan 2014 18:01
Tintin seems to be popular in India mostly among the grown ups. What I mean to say is, at least in case of my school, some of the students if asked about Tintin, either say that they haven't heard of him, or either they think it's something to do with the tin put on the sheds. On the other hand, most of the teachers seem to be Tintinologists. However, right now there are a good number of students who are starting reading Tintin, thanks to me. But on the whole, I think Tintin is more or less popular in India. My one complaint is, there is no Tintin shop in India.

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