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The Last Tintin Book You Read?

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Colonel Jorgen
#1 · Posted: 4 Apr 2012 14:52
What was the last Tintin album or book related to him have you read?

The last I read was the black and white version of Cigars of the Pharaoh that I had purchased for my birthday; I enjoyed it and parts of it surpassed the 1955 colour edition, such as the opening page-length panel of the cruise ship, as well as the feeling that you are experiencing the archetypal 1930s adventure, the type that inspired Raiders of the Lost Ark and it's ilk.
However, the revised edition I think is tighter and tauter and generally more atmospheric. Still, I am glad it is part of my collection, finally.
#2 · Posted: 4 Apr 2012 19:13
If you mean, the last Tintin book one has actually bought as opposed to simply read, then I'd say "Les Vrais secrets de la Licorne" ("The Real Secrets of the Unicorn") and "A la Recherche du trésor de Rackham le Rouge" ("In Search of Red Rackham's treasure"). These were books which published the stories as they originally appeared in strip form in the "Le Soir" newspaper. They include many "deleted" scenes or ones which were altered prior to appearing in the books - with a lot of commentary on Herge's life at the time and the way he made changes to the book editions. (A lot of these changes are noted in the Wikipedia entry of "Red Rackham" - courtesy of yours truly.)

I hope they'll one day make a similar publication of "Seven Crystal Balls", the newspaper version of which also included some deleted scenes: such as Haddock being embarrassed by the fakir and Madame Yamilah at the theatre.
Colonel Jorgen
#3 · Posted: 5 Apr 2012 10:09
I mean that last Tintin you actually read, as opposed to bought. It was just a coincidence that my example was both.

It is a shame that the two volumes that collect the newspaper strips for The Secret of the Unicorn/Red Rackham's Treasure have yet to be translated into English - it is something I would certainly get! But I'm not surprised; I am still waiting for the black and white Tintin books of The Broken Ear onwards to be translated.
Great snakes
#4 · Posted: 6 Apr 2012 00:11
The last tintin book I have read would be The crab with golden claws.
Archie Haddock
#5 · Posted: 7 Apr 2012 02:00
Last one I've read so far is my Tintin in America (New version copy) that my brothers got for x-mas that I read constantly! I read it this morning at 9:03 A.M
#6 · Posted: 7 Apr 2012 02:47
I have only read one black-and-white Tintin book, and that was Tintin in the Congo. In fact, that was the last Tintin book I read. I was in wonder when I first saw the color version of the book on a shelf in an Indian bookstore. I should have gotten it, but I didn't think of it at the time. About a year later, I became interested, did some research, and purchased the black-and-white version. The book was good. I still technically haven't read all the books( color Congo and the black-and-whites).
#7 · Posted: 7 Apr 2012 19:44
The most recant Tintin book that I read wasThe Crab With The Golden Claws.
#8 · Posted: 12 Apr 2012 16:31
The Broken Ear, that is. I've read King Ottokar's Sceptre, but I was just flipping through it :P
#9 · Posted: 13 Apr 2012 03:26
The last book I read was The Seven Crystal Balls. I still have the dreams...0_0
#10 · Posted: 14 Apr 2012 17:10
Tintin Games Book. I'm still learning how to play other board games there. Only 4 games I know, and I enjoy playing on it.

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