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Tintin 3-in-1 books: love them or hate them?

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#1 · Posted: 20 Dec 2004 15:44
I personally don't care too much, but if I'm getting one from the library, I want the 3-in-1's, because you get more comics.

My mom thinks they (the 3-in-1's) have too small print, but that's not true in my opinion.

Just kindly give me your thoughts... :)
#2 · Posted: 21 Dec 2004 01:14
I prefer the original size of Tintin books but it is cool to see them in 3 in 1 and what the artwork looks like at such a reduced size. They are good but it is easier to appreciate Herge's work at its original comic book size.
#3 · Posted: 21 Dec 2004 04:41
I have many of the adventures in the 3-in-1 size, they're handy for traveling and far more sturdy than the larger sizes.

At my old high school, books were given stars for how hard they were to read. A normal Tintin adventure was 2, and a 3-in-1 was 7! As a comparison Gone with the Wind was 5.

My English teacher used to tell me that the reason Tintin books were given so many stars was they were for students who couldn't read very well.

We had a few arguments about it in my time

#4 · Posted: 21 Dec 2004 21:17 · Edited by: MoonRocket
I only have one of the 3-in-1 books -- the one with Crab with the Golden Claws, Shooting Star, and Secret of the Unicorn. I've had it for so long, it's in terrible condition. The 3-in-1s are alright, but I think I'd rather see the comics in their more natural state.
#5 · Posted: 1 Jan 2005 18:54
I like them.

In fact I've just replaced my entire collection with the 3 in 1's.

I got most of my Tintin books 30 odd years ago and they are all now really tatty. (Red Sea Sharks and Unicorn both have missing pages and covers.) I've decided to lock them away to prevent them becoming totally worthless in the future.

I'm not that worried about the artwork, I've got the original size books so I know what everything should look like, it was the compactness and durability that sold me.

Happy New Year

#6 · Posted: 3 Jan 2005 23:01
No, but it's the only copy I have of The Black Island and King Ottokar's Sceptre. I also have the first three books in this form, but that one's been kinda ruined.
#7 · Posted: 3 Jan 2005 23:02
The 3 in 1s are useful but I do think that Herge#039;s art work is far easier to appreciate in the larger, natural sizes. They are also easier to read generally i.e. you don't have to squint to see them.
#8 · Posted: 23 Jan 2005 09:12
Yeh they are good cos its 3 books packed in one so u can enjoy the work of Herge without having to look for the other books and u wont loose them as much.
#9 · Posted: 17 Feb 2005 21:50
Definitely. Small print notwithstanding, the 3 in 1 comic books gives bang for bucks since I'm a fast reader who gets bored easily.
#10 · Posted: 26 Feb 2005 17:31
One complaint: the print is too small (many of you already complained about this)!

Otherwise, it was a fast way for me to get many Tintin stories that I couldn't otherwise acquire.

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