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Harrock n roll
#31 · Posted: 22 Feb 2005 16:26
Duran Duran is the name of the villain in Barbarella

Quite right tybaltstone - and it was 1967 by the way...

However, could it be possible that Jean-Claude Forrest got the name from the stage play...?
John Sewell
#32 · Posted: 22 Feb 2005 17:19
Ed said: It used to be a running joke on "Have I Got News For You" that "Private Eye" editor Ian Hislop looked like Jimmy Somerville - so, by association, can Hislop be said to resemble Tintin? I can't see it myself...

On one occasion on HIGNFY, Herge came up as one of the choices in the 'Odd One Out' round (perpetuating the tired old Nazi collaborator myth, as I recall), and Frank Skinner, guesting that week, said "Is Herge the odd one out because he's the only one who drew a character who looks a bit like Ian?" Mass audience hilarity followed, along with Hislop looking confused and calling out "Snowy?"
#33 · Posted: 22 Mar 2005 02:07
I read an interview with Quentin Tarantino and the article started out describing what Tarantino was wearing - black jeans and scruffy Tintin T-Shirt.

And for you Kiwi music fans out there:
The music video Glorifillia by Zed has someone in it wearing a Broken Ear T-Shirt, not sure if its a band member or random stranger.
#34 · Posted: 2 Apr 2005 11:15 · Edited by: OJG
I was listening to Talksport this morning and a phone call with Lomana Tresor LuaLua, who plays for Postsmouth. He was talking about a new initiative by footballers that he is part of to get kids reading more. He said that he's reading Tintin. Good choice! Particularly since he's from the DR Congo, I imagine Tintin is ideal in helping learn English.

He also said that he's always liked Tintin, and has been a fan of the cartoon series for ages.
#35 · Posted: 3 Apr 2005 03:52
Good choice! Particularly since he's from the DR Congo, I imagine Tintin is ideal in helping learn English.

It's true, actually... in all three languages I've read Tintin (that I can understand... I've 'read' him in many more) -- English, French and Hebrew -- the language is actually relatively sophisticated.

In English, for instance, I remember learning some vocabulary as a kid reading the Blue Lotus ("That shot! It was providential!"), and the Hebrew versions are written in a style far above the vernacular...
Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#36 · Posted: 16 Jul 2005 19:01
The Scotsman on July 15th recounted an anecdote in which a young woman met Pablo Picasso and asked for his autograph, but didn't have anything for him to write on. Picasso asked his wife to fetch something to sign from his house, "it doesn't matter what". She returned, and he was about to sign when he realised that it was his favourite Tintin book and said "But not that!".

Moderator Emeritus
#37 · Posted: 2 Jan 2006 14:41 · Edited by: tintinuk
The lead singer in the Canadian band, The Smugglers, described Tintin as his hero on their website here. Here's a photo from the site of him dressed as Tintin, to prove it.
#38 · Posted: 31 Jan 2006 01:29
Here's a photo from the site of him dressed as Tintin, to prove it

Very interesting.

I am still a BIG fan of Tintin. Just came across this great website today and immediately joined up.

Keep up the good work guys!!
David Halliwell
#39 · Posted: 1 Mar 2006 21:23
Ofcourse the British crime writer Nicholas Freeling who wrote the van der Valk books during the 1970's made frequent references to Tintin and captain Haddock. Unfortunantly I have forgotten the names of the books where these references were made.
John Sewell
#40 · Posted: 7 Mar 2006 02:23
There's a good one in the latest issue of Uncut magazine - Jaz Coleman, the singer with scary apocalyptic post-punks Killing Joke, is asked questions about his favourite music, films etc. In the section on his favourite reading matter, he says that he keeps a full set of Tintin (and Asterix) books in his toilet, and sometimes goes in there when he doesn't, er, need to, just so he can have a good read of them!

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