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Did Tintin ever visit London?

#1 · Posted: 18 Nov 2015 00:16
I came across a frame showing Captain Haddock, Tintin, Professor Calculus and Nestor walking across a zebra-crossing. Nestor is quite red faced with the effort of carrying all the bags, and Calculus is following his pendulum.

I can't remember this frame in The Calculus Affair, and what's more, it looks like London.
Perhaps it was a stunted / promo image but it begs the question: did Tintin ever actually go to London?
#2 · Posted: 18 Nov 2015 08:51
The image you describe is a piece of fan-art, which is meant to show the characters in the style of The Beatles on the Abbey Road album cover, where they are crossing the zebra-crossing outside the E.M.I. studios where they recorded most of their music.
As for Tintin in London, the answer is most likely not; there are no scenes in the city, so apart from speculating about an un-shown stop off on the way back from Scotland after The Black Island, there's no evidence for a visit.
#3 · Posted: 18 Nov 2015 12:31
Ah, what a shame. I saw the similarity with the Abbey Road image but hoped it was just a coincidence. Thank you.
#4 · Posted: 25 May 2016 09:03
I always thought it was a shame he didn't, especially since Herge was such an Anglophile. We can only assume he couldn't think of an interesting story to fit the setting.
#5 · Posted: 26 Jun 2016 11:13 · Edited by: number1fan
Only for an adventure with Blake and Mortimer " By the Tartan of Clan McGregor!".Typical London is within a few hours reach of Belgium but the boy reporter has ventured to Tibet,Soviet Union, Congo, South America ( 3 times!) but not London.
Mikael Uhlin
#6 · Posted: 26 Jun 2016 19:03 · Edited by: Mikael Uhlin
I'm not sure about the English editions, but according to the original (b/w) version of Black Island, Tintin leaves Ranko the gorilla at the London zoo (the picture in the newspaper at the end), which means that Tintin DID visit London at least once:

"On voit ici Tintin faisant ses adieux à l'animal dont il a fait don au Zoo de Londres."
#7 · Posted: 26 Jun 2016 22:42
Mikael Uhlin
Good point, Mikael! I've just checked my copy of the facsimile edition of the original colour version and the newspaper photo is specified as being London Zoo there too.
#8 · Posted: 27 Jun 2016 20:31
Actually that statement translates that Tintin has gifted the gorilla to London Zoo, it does necessarily mean that the scene of him holding Ranko's hand takes place at the Zoo itself.

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