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Tintin at Sea (book): general discussion

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#1 · Posted: 1 Apr 2005 14:30
I don't think I would have ever said something to do with Tintin could be boring, but this book takes the cake. Its not terribly interesting and seems to go too in-depth in Tintin's nautical adventures, making the book tedious.

I'm glad I borrowed the book from the library. I won't be buying it that's for sure. But the Tintin Companion is a much better read!

Anyone's thoughts?
#2 · Posted: 1 Apr 2005 14:45
Well I own two copies (one signed and one not) and I have to agree with you i'm afraid.

It's not paticurlarly interesting and goes into depth about dull things such as a list of boats that are named in Tintin adventures. Also it takes things that are well known and spreads them out with pictures and long winded explanation.

UK Correspondent
#3 · Posted: 1 Apr 2005 15:24
I think it could have been made more interesting if there had been more photos of the real ships that had inspired Hergé - such as the from the trip by Bob de Moor and Hergé on the tanker researching the Ramona. I would also have liked to see some photos of the museum's actual collection, since it was just a translation of the French edition, with an introduction about Greenwich.
#4 · Posted: 1 Apr 2005 16:17
There's another Tintin book seemingly linked to another marine exhibition in St-Nazaire France in 1999: 'Tintin, Haddock et les bateaux' by Y.Horeau, 1999 (already mentioned on another thread) which I found quite interesting, but I doubt it's been translated yet...
Moderator Emeritus
#5 · Posted: 1 Apr 2005 17:28 · Edited by: tintinuk
Incidently, yamilah, it's the same book ! ;) The Adventures Of Tintin At Sea is the English translation (translated by Michael Farr, with a bit added for the London exhibition) of Tintin, Haddock et les bateaux ...
#6 · Posted: 1 Apr 2005 18:18
I didn't know it, thanks for your remark tintinuk!
Interesting book, geographically at least...
Did you spot the geo info mistake legible in the Red Rackham's Treasure chapter?
#7 · Posted: 1 Apr 2005 20:53 · Edited by: Moderator
I think I've mentioned this before but the only reason the book was released here was due to the museum tie-in, rather than the book being deemed interesting enough for English readers.
When I look at all the books they could have translated it really annoys me

Moderator Note: A very odd conclusion, Rik! Surely both the book and the exhibition are thought to be of interest to fans (and the public)? The book was written to accompany the exhibition in France, and now that both are here, we should sound ungrateful?

The Perplexed Tintinologist Team
#8 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 05:54
I take it the print run will be long
i am looking to collect general tintin titles, making of etc. This is in a bookshop here in Sydney for $34.95AU
Despite your comments, am i silly to not buy it while its easily available?
#9 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 06:09 · Edited by: marsbar
KorovaMilkBar wrote: I take it the print run will be long

I do not know about that. You don't want to kick yourself for missing this title.

AUD39.95 is the recommended retail price for the book here in Australia. Get it if you can afford it, which I am sure you can--well, you are going to get the entire set of Tintin in hardback, aren't you? :-)
#10 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 07:40
I'd get it now to be honest as I cannot see the print run lasting much longer than the exhibition.

You don't want to be paying £50 from ebay in a couple of years when you could have picked it up for £10 at the moment


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