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Who is Your Favourite Tintin Villain?

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#1 · Posted: 8 Apr 2005 17:35
Well, honestly I feel that Hergé did a really good job with the negative characters as with our lead ones.

My favourite one is Sponsz for his radical attitude and especially the type of cigar he smokes in the Picaros. Muller is also fantastically evil.

Your favourites??
#2 · Posted: 8 Apr 2005 20:35
Rastapopoulos is probably the villain who catches my attention because he is the one who always appears in a new place in a form that is both so different and so similar. He is also the one who in most cases is the closest among the villains to actually kill Tintin.
#3 · Posted: 8 Apr 2005 20:52
My favorite villan is probably Allan (except in Flight 714), he's so... "hardcore." Muller and Sponsz are cool, too. I like Muller's character better in the later books, though.
#4 · Posted: 8 Apr 2005 21:14
Err... imho, the most negative one is seen in Ottokar's Sceptre, page 3, last panel...
Harrock n roll
#5 · Posted: 8 Apr 2005 23:33
Ottokar's Sceptre, page 3, last panel

Doh! I just got it! :)
#6 · Posted: 9 Apr 2005 03:05
my favourite villain is probably Rastapopoulos-ruthless, scheming and at times rather comical, such as when he kept missing squashing the spider in Flight 714, perhaps representative of his constant failed attempts on Tintin's life. I also found the comparison again in Flight 714 between his nose and that of the proboscis monkey quite amusing.

Although not my favourite characters Sponsz and Mitsuhirato were rather scheming, ruthless and cunning, typical bad-guy characteristics.
#7 · Posted: 9 Apr 2005 03:54
Sponsz would actually not categorize as a villain except in "Picaros" where he actually actively seeks to destroy Tintin and his friends.

In "Calculus Affair" he's merely an agent of the Bordurian government, acting in the interests of the State.

That said, my favourite has got to be Rastapopoulos. From the sublime to the ridiculous, he has appeared in every kind of situation (Compare his role in "Cigars" to the one in "Flight")
Moderator Emeritus
#8 · Posted: 9 Apr 2005 12:13 · Edited by: tintinuk
My favourite Tintin villain would have to be Mitsuhirato. Although he only appears in one adventure, I think he makes such an impact in The Blue Lotus. He seems to represent everything that is negative in the books - every trap he sets for Tintin is cunningly thought out, so much so, that he seems to me to almost be the Moriarty (incidently, Holmes only met Moriarty twice - one of which which was a short story) of the Tintin series ! ;o)
#9 · Posted: 9 Apr 2005 12:59 · Edited by: jock123
Sponz, I think, although I don't think Hergé did villains very well - he is much better doing heroes than villains.

Rastapopoulos I have never liked - he is too shrill and definitely not dark enough to be a convincing character, let alone a nemesis for Tintin, IMHO; add to that his stupid cartoony nose (I'm sorry but it just doesn't work!), and I'm surprised to read that so many people like him!
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#10 · Posted: 9 Apr 2005 13:01
I've never been much of a Rastapopoulos fan either - he always seemed to me to be too outrageous (especially in Flight 714, as we know Hergé was starting to dismantle his characters) and just very 'over-the-top' !

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