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Who is Your Favourite Tintin Villain?

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#31 · Posted: 20 Jun 2005 20:38 · Edited by: fatwasp
Rastapopoulos is a classic, almost James Bond esque villian (especially his entry in Lake of Sharks, as godawful as the book is, his mystery is spot on. We think it's him, we almost know it's him. But we can't be certain)

Although Red Rackham will stick in my mind, ruthless, calculating and evil. Plus he had his own ship. nuff said...
#32 · Posted: 22 Jun 2005 05:44
One of my favourites is Spalding.
He does just appear in one of the adventures, but the fact that he is an insider agent makes him more interesting.
He's not a super-villain like Rastapopoulos (is he from Greece?) or Dr Müller, but I like him anyway.
In the beginning of the adventure you feel sorry for him because Carreidas is bossing him around but then he strikes back.
#33 · Posted: 22 Jun 2005 16:01
My favorite is Mitsuhirato. What sets him apart from other villains is that he committed suicide when his plans failed. I know this is part of his culture but it shows that he's more humane than the others.
#34 · Posted: 25 Jun 2005 13:25
My favorite is Rastapopoulos, he is clearly one of those villains who seeks out money and the power that money provides. He is pathetic in "Flight 714" and "Lake of Sharks" (but we'll just ignore that one), but in the other books he is great. Clearly a worthy foe for Tintin and his friends.


2. Dr. J.W. Müller
3. Colonel Sponz
4. Jorgen/Boris
5. Akass
6. Allan
7. Mitsuhirato
8. The fakir in "Cigars"
9. Dawson
10. The Vogel brothers/ Bird brothers

There's also General Tapioca and Alcazar, the bad guy in "Shooting Star", and of course Carreidas, who, by the way, is a real hoot.
Harrock n roll
#35 · Posted: 28 Jun 2005 02:06

10. The Vogel brothers

Manufacturers of fine scissors and shears since 1690...


Moderator Note:
Sadly their website seems defunct...
#36 · Posted: 31 Aug 2005 23:04
#37 · Posted: 1 Sep 2005 10:18
#38 · Posted: 17 Sep 2005 14:45
-If one thinks about true cold blooded villany, without a shred of humour or benevolence, the most evil character has to be colonel Boris/Jörgen. His is a chillingly cold character, one that possesses sophistication but who would leave you feeling restless and insecure in his presence.
-If you're looking for a villain that makes the biggest impression, even though he may not be truly evil through and through, then it has to be Rastapopoulos, because his is the embodiment of megalomania, evil intent, delusions of grandeur, but at the same time with a pathetic and ridiculous streak that is always his undoing.
cigars of the beeper
#39 · Posted: 27 May 2007 23:17
Hi everyone, I was just wondering who your favorite characters or villains are. One of my favorites is professor Calculus ("A little more to the west!"), and my neither good nor bad character is Carriedas ("Ha Ha Ha Ha-ATCHOOO!") and my favorite villain is Allan ("It reminds me of someone. Now who can it... AHHH!")post your favorite characters and villains here, and if you want to, even a favorite quote like I have done.

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#40 · Posted: 28 May 2007 02:01
Paolo Colombani, even though he's not really a villain.

Tapioca and Sponsz.

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