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You know you're a Tintin fan when...

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#21 · Posted: 4 Jul 2005 10:17 · Edited by: Karaboudjan
You know you're a Tintin fan when, whenever you hear that Shakespearean quote (not sure where it's from): "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war", you're sure he said Haddock.

Also you go into five minute rants about why the Thom(p)sons are NOT twins, earning very glazed expressons from your friends.
#22 · Posted: 5 Jul 2005 08:11
You know u are a tintin fan when you begin your office in the morning by first attempting a tintin frames quiz on a website ( the questions change daily there) and check the tintinologist forum for some interesting topics :)

and also you want to keep tintin rocket at a place in your drawing room where most people keep lamp shades
#23 · Posted: 11 Jul 2005 20:30
you know you are a tintin fan when you get the kih-oskh logo tattooed on your arm.
#24 · Posted: 11 Jul 2005 21:20
When you are debating whether you can knock up a set of Kih-Oskh robes in four days for a costume party but are worried someone else has had the same idea.

#25 · Posted: 11 Jul 2005 22:48
...when you regularly exclaim the following: "Blistering Barnacles!", "Thundering Typhoons!", "Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles in a Thundering Typhoon!", "To be Precise"...
#26 · Posted: 12 Jul 2005 05:14
You know you're a Tintin fan when it suddenly strikes you that, for the past two years, a teacher at your school has been calling you "Miss Tintin" and you actually don't mind. :)
#27 · Posted: 12 Jul 2005 14:06
... when you do a double-take out walking with your other half, seeing a Tintin-alike go by. And since I'm such an obsessive, she pointed him out to me.
#28 · Posted: 12 Jul 2005 18:32
When someone mentions Formula One and you think of those pills the Thom(p)sons took before actually remembering that it's a type of car racing.
#29 · Posted: 26 Jul 2005 00:34
when you go on a cruise and stand in tintinesque fashion against the railing on the ship's deck staring at the open sea (opening of Cigars of P..)
#30 · Posted: 30 Jul 2005 17:36
You know you're a Tintin fan when you remove a band-aid and try to flap it off vigourously from your thumb just to see where it will land and how far it will travel

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