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You know you're a Tintin fan when...

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mizu for milou
#41 · Posted: 11 Sep 2005 23:11
you know you're a tintin fan when: you practice throwing darts while saying "is muy dificil..is more dificil, now is mucho more dificil" (from the seven crystal balls)
#42 · Posted: 13 Sep 2005 07:33
when a 13 year old asks you what is cute and french that they can put on their exercise book, you reply "snowy". and expect them to know exactly who you mean.
#43 · Posted: 13 Sep 2005 11:50
-When you plan a holiday to Scotland and no one can understand why you have a particular fixation with visiting Catlebay on the Isle of Barra (It's the village of Kiltoch in the Black Island).

- Can't help picturing anyone called Abdullah as a spoilt little brat
#44 · Posted: 23 Sep 2005 12:31
you can only think of one name that can apply to a dog, and embarrass yourself in front of your entire class when asked for a name or noun that can apply to a dog.
Ten year olds are so unforgiving. :P

when your ultimate goals in life are to visit all the places that tintin's been (yes, I do! well, half-heartedly tbh but yeh)
#45 · Posted: 25 Sep 2005 09:08
- you annoy your friends by announcing during a film, "This is just like something out of Tintin."

(I couldn't help it! Someone got shot on the doorstep when they were believed to be up to no good, and that instantly reminded me of Barnaby in The Secret of the Unicorn!)
#46 · Posted: 27 Sep 2005 20:23
You know you're a Tintin fan if everytime you get bandaged up, you remember the travelling white piece of sticking plaster in the book Flight 714 and its humorous adventure with Haddock... And the pain seems to go away...
#47 · Posted: 14 Oct 2005 09:30
When you have used 420 MB of space in your Gmail account storing the scans of all published Tintin comics, so that you have access to it anywhere in the world.

Also, as with the greeat filmmaker Satyajit Ray, you know you are a fan when you find a way to show at least one Tintin comic or at least refer to one in almost every film you make.
#48 · Posted: 16 Oct 2005 12:33
When I was about 8 years old, I spent a lot of time at the swimming club library reading all the Tintin comics, and there was this bunch of high school guys who called me "Tin man, tin man"

I got so upset at that, that I got into a fight with them, and we all got thrown out of the library. An 8 year old boy against three 16-year-olds. What was I thinking?!
#49 · Posted: 16 Oct 2005 19:31

whenever your sister comes to visit you ask he to bring her all region DVD player so you can watch those region 2,3,4 tintin movies you got off of ebay.

And when you get the dragon from the cover of the blue lotus tatooted on the back of one leg and the arumbya fetish on the back of the other.
#50 · Posted: 17 Oct 2005 14:25
When you get angry and call a person names such as cannibal, bashi-bazouk, vampire, pachyrhizus, duck billed diplodocus, zapotec, ectoplasms, balderdash, niwitted ninepins, dunder-headed ethelreds, swine, jellyfish,troglodyts, tofee-noses, aztecs, inconclasts, ectoplasms, fresh-water swabs, pockmarks, technocrat, buccaneer, aborgine, hydrocarbon, harlequin, polynesian, gyroscope, fuzzy-wuzzy, anthropithecus, nincompoop, anacoluthon, invertebrate, paranoiac, duck billed platypus, anthropophagus, cercopithecus, coelacenth.......................and your not a Tintin fan when you dont know what the Jewel Song is.

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