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Tintin: a curriculum vitae

#1 · Posted: 16 Jun 2005 12:15 · Edited by: varun0883
Hi the following is the resume of tintin, if you have any queiries, any tip-off about rostapopoulus you can contact him.

Name: Tintin

Occupation: reporter

421, Marlinspike Hall

Strenghts:: ability to aquaint many people; can get you into the muddle soon; intelligent enough to send you behind the bars; has had several voyages behind him, karboudjan, sirius to name a few.

Weakness:: he' always a soft target if he is on a mission!

Achivements:: FIRST to accompalish Moon! Solved many drug peddling cases (red sea sharks, blue lotus, cigars of paroh to name a few); has gained many kings confidence (ottokar's skeptre, gajapamah,);trusted one among the spiritual leaders too (tintin in tibet)

Trusted aides::

Captain Haddock :- formerly President of SSS; currently the lanlord of Merlinspike Hall; an expert in Sea Vovages and in identifying Ships. Also a favourite guest of Madame Bianca Castafiore.

Prof. C. Calculus: - a Scientist by profession has invented many wonderful things which have averted danger but his achivement of Moon Rocket Expedtition has till date remained on the top of his achivements and appreciated across the world!

Nestor:: a loyal butler at Merlinspike hall; has gained confidence of his landlord who understands all the needs of his members. He ironically saved tintin from his earlier owners-The Bird Brothers

Snowy: :his loyal pet more than that a loyal friend who always helps him to fin clues about the gangsters and remains with him wherever he goes.

Bianca Castafiore: - the Milanese Nightingale who first met him in The Ottokars Skeptrealso comes in the list of loyal aides of tintin. Also she saves him from the clutches of a Bordurian General in The Caclculus Affair

Thompson & Thomson
{Shhhh.This is a secret Mums the word i say}
The thompsons are detectives who are sought after by Tintin for a Second Opinion and are always with him on whichever assignment he is working though They appear surprisingly in almost all the episodes.
They also assist him in tintin in getting gangsters arrested with the help of local police.
#2 · Posted: 16 Jun 2005 14:21
:-) Great varun - I enjoyed that!

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