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When did the Siamese cat first appear?

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#11 · Posted: 11 Jul 2005 11:07 · Edited by: Karaboudjan
In Explorers on the Moon, Archie says: "I was dreaming I was at home at Marlinspike, with my cat on my knee..."
#12 · Posted: 5 Mar 2006 08:52
At the start of Calculus Affair, Snowy is seen trying to attack the cat early on.
That was when Captain suggests that maybe Snowy was to blame for the accidents.
In the last frame they are sitting together and Snowy is smiling at him/her because Wagg is leaving.
I think that maybe they finally found something in common (their dislike for Wagg) and decided to let bygones be bygones.
I think that Hergé probably had decided that Snowy and the cat's fighting had became old hat and decided not to pursue it anymore.
Perhaps it slightly made Snowy look like a villain as he was doing the antagonising.
David Halliwell
#13 · Posted: 5 Mar 2006 12:13
I think that maybe they finally found something in common

The point about Snowy fighting the cat was that the ultrasonic sound made by Calculus machine made them uncomfortable.
Remember that animals can hear higher pitches of sound to people.
Their discomfort is also seen the next morning during breakfast, just before the bottles in the milk truck break up.
#14 · Posted: 17 Jun 2017 02:37
does not show in Red Sea

The Siamese Cat does show up in the Red Sea Sharks. He can be seen on frame 11 on page 29 of the book, running away from the dishes falling down.
#15 · Posted: 25 Jun 2017 08:10
snowybella, it's a she.
#16 · Posted: 28 Jun 2017 16:09
it's a she.

How do you come to that conclusion? Why a female, not a male? I don't know about cats, so this is a genuine question - is it something to do with the markings?

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