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A Turkish folk song 'Tintin tini mini hanım'

#1 · Posted: 20 Feb 2006 07:53
There is a Turkish folk song ‘Tintin tini mini hanım’ from Sinop (a city at the Blacksea coast of Turkey). The song was composed several times with different comments. The word ‘Tintin’ in the song is not of course our Tintin, but it gives me different pleasure when I listen it on the radio.
For the tintinologists who want to listen the song: www.sinop.gov.tr
After entering the site, you click Türkülerimiz (Our folk songs) at 18 th row on the left column. And then at the opening page, you click on Dinle (Listen) near the ‘Tini Mini Hanım’ at the 5th row on the middle top of page.
The song which can be listened in this site was composed in a style of arabesque which I do not prefer to listen and sometimes dislike but as I said before it had been composed various times in very nice styles. I will also look the the ways listening them on net.

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