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#1 · Posted: 7 Jun 2006 04:18
This cover illustration appeared on the April 19, 1999 copy of The New Yorker. Art Spiegelman shows cartoon character Plastic Man gawking at Picasso paintings. But who’s in the crowd? Only two figures face the viewer. The one on the far left has a suspicious quiff and reddish hair. He looks like an adult version of Tintin. The other figure facing the viewer looks quite like Hergé’s self portraits.

I'd be interested in reader comments, and especially in any information any reader might have. I may be off base here, of course.
#2 · Posted: 7 Jun 2006 09:35

I can certainly see the Tintinesque quality of the quiffed man, but the other figure looks more like Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter movies than Hergé to my eyes…

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