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Tintin Movie Sequel: General speculation [may include spoilers!]

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#1 · Posted: 5 Jan 2010 03:34 · Edited by: tintinophile691
Moderator Note: This thread is to alert members to news items and information concerning the sequel to The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn.
It can be used for speculation about content, casting etc., and may contain spoilers which would give away surprises in the movie. If you do not wish to read spoilers, then we recommend that you confine your reading to the spoiler free thread here.
The Tintinologist Team

"I'm going to reread all the Tintin books over Christmas," Peter Jackson confided to PIXmania.com website, "and then I'll make my decision."
All bets are on!

Full article here.

What do you think will be Peter Jackson's second motion-capture Tintin film? Just as the article said: all bets are on!
#2 · Posted: 5 Jan 2010 11:04
Tintin and the Picaros :)
It will probabaly be The Blue Lotus/ Tintin in Tibet.
#3 · Posted: 5 Jan 2010 12:32
I would like to see Prisoners of the Sun get the treatment. :-)

As an aside, really looking forward to seeing Andy Serkis as Archie. He is a very fine actor and has been getting some very good reviews in his portrayal as the late Ian Dury in the biopic film, Sex,Drugs and Rock and Roll.
#4 · Posted: 5 Jan 2010 22:43
Firstly, hi Ranko!
Good to see you back on the forums in the last week or so, after your absence. I was wondering just the other month where you'd gone.

Regarding the topic of this thread, the fact that Peter Jackson is still considering which book(s) the second film will be based on seems to dispel the theory that the first film will leave us on an unfinished end-of-Unicorn cliff-hanger and that the second film will be Red Rackham's Treasure. In spite of Jackson's earlier comments that not much from Red Rackham's Treasure has made it's way into this first film, it sounds as if the first film will at least take us to the end of Red Rackham's Treasure and tie that story up properly, which sounds good to me.

Some of this earlier speculation that Red Rackham's Treasure was still to be filmed seemed to also come from observations that no-one had been cast as Calculus for the first film. But I thought I read somewhere (on some link from this forum, I think) that a French comic actor had been cast as Calculus. But maybe I dreamt that! Other people seem to have been following casting of this film more closely than me.

Anyway, I agree with you, Ranko, that Prisoners of the Sun would be an obvious choice (assuming that you mean including The Seven Crystal Balls as well, which is one of my favourite Tintin books). But I suppose they might think ancient South American civilizations have been a bit over-done in the cinema lately.

Cigars of the Pharaoh/ The Blue Lotus could be good, and/or Tintin in Tibet, as you suggest, Number1fan. Or the Black Island. Or what about combining Black Island with King Ottokar's Sceptre in a Europe-on-the-eve of-war international gang of fifth columnists sort of storyline?

Re your aside, Ranko, I agree with you that Andy Serkis looks like good casting for Haddock. I saw him last year on Al Murray's chat show, doing some good impromptu stunt-work (re-enacting the final scenes of King Kong on a mock-up of St Paul's Cathedral) in a very Haddock-like way.
#5 · Posted: 6 Jan 2010 12:01 · Edited by: Ranko
Hi Balthazar ;)
Good to be back!

Yes, I did mean to include Seven Crystal Balls as well. (Also one of my favourites) Obviously there is going to be some artistic licence involved as the two books together could quite easily produce an epic to rival Ben Hur

I think if Prisoners is the next film in the series we may see Crystal Balls taking on a more minor role as in either a prologue in the first half an hour or so or as a series of flashbacks throughout the film.

Of course this is all total speculation on my part as I am but a humble sound engineer and not a screenwriter!
cigars of the beeper
#6 · Posted: 6 Jan 2010 19:33
I remember hearing Peter Jackson saying that Crystal Balls/Prisoners were his favorite ones, so I'm betting on that.
#7 · Posted: 7 Jan 2010 03:04
I love that two-part adventure, it would be a great choice. I don't think we have to worry about South American tribes being overdone in film and TV. There have been some about the Aztecs and Mayans but I don't recall many (if any) about the Incas and their ways.
#8 · Posted: 8 Jan 2010 23:14 · Edited by: tintinophile691
I'd like to see The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun, and hope that the film is much better than the Belvision adaptation.
tintins mom
#9 · Posted: 24 Dec 2011 21:55
10 Oct 2018 13:13 - Merged topic:
Tintin Movie Sequel: General speculation [may include spoilers!]

It looks like for the next Tintin film, they are dropping The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun. They do want to bring in Calculus. They are thinking of using The Calculus Affair. I think that The Calculus Affair would make a great movie, but I like Prisoners of the Sun better for a movie.
#10 · Posted: 24 Dec 2011 23:12
"Professor Calculus is a bumbling, hard-of-hearing inventor that builds a lot of the gadgets that Tintin’s adventures revolve around".

He makes it sound like Q and James Bond.

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