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Quelque chose en nous... de Tintin

little martine
#1 · Posted: 29 Jul 2010 02:53
I just saw the title in the internet and I was curious.
Is it a like a Talk show or a documentary?
Please reply as soon as you can.
I'm going on a trip any second now.
#2 · Posted: 29 Jul 2010 22:30
Seems to be some kind of celebration. The program was broadcast in 2007 to mark the hundredth anniversary of Herge's birth.
#3 · Posted: 30 Jul 2010 09:55 · Edited by: jock123
Yes, it was a TV special broadcast by RTBF (la Radio Télévision Belge Francophone - the national broadcaster for French-speakers in Belgium) for the Hergé centenary, as part of their Quelque chose en nous de… magazine programme, and featured appearances by notable cartoonists such as Tibet to pay tributes, and other luminaries including Jean-Pierre Talbot and the singer Chantal Goya, who reprised her 1980-ish single Comme Tintin (spookily she doesn’t look much different now to how she looked forty years before in the Jean Luc Godard film, Masculin Feminin, so perhaps she shares Tintin’s ever youthful genes?).

little martine:
Please reply as soon as you can.
I'm going on a trip any second now.

Was it really so time sensitive? ;-)
little martine
#4 · Posted: 7 Aug 2010 04:53 · Edited by: Moderator
Yes, I should say.
and I'm back. Because the place i'm going is internet banishment world. (Strict rules.)
2007 eih? any one have some recorces? like a video clip or something?

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The Tintinologist Team
little martine
#5 · Posted: 12 Aug 2010 13:09
I soooo apologise.
I didn't know I was annoying anyone.
And I asure you it won't happen again.(Promise.)
It's just that I have a habit of asking people to find out, since I can't

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