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Objectif Tintin - Catalan podcast

#1 · Posted: 22 Oct 2011 08:16
I'm not going to post a link as it appears to be frowned upon, but I just accidentally stumbled on a Catalunya Radio podcast, which, as far as I can make out, is all about Tintin. Although my Catalan is negligible, there seem to be bits in Spanish, French and even English, which does help.

Just curious to know whether anybody else had listened to it, and what exactly it's all about? Apologies if it's already been discussed elsewhere - I couldn't find it.
#2 · Posted: 24 Dec 2011 12:47
It's a program entirely based on Tintin. If I remember well, on sundays afternoon, they make short seasons of about 7 programs in winter (Christmas) and 7 on summer. They begun in 2006 so its just finished the 10th season.

They spend about one hour talking about Tintin and his world, the books and stories, showrooms, curiosities, they organize trips to see the Musée Hergé, books related, etc.

Its conductor, Jordi Tardà is a very well known and renowned catalan tintinologist. He has an enormous Tintin collection and sometimes shows it to the public. He has also publish a quite good book of Tintin.

A short list of contents of the 10th season:
23-07-11: Jordi Tardà talks with Jamie Bell which will be Tintín in the film "The Adventures of Tintin" from Steven Spielberg i Peter Jackson, on cinemas next october 28th. Our tintinologist guest: Rafael Martínez from Norma Comics, creator of the first Tintin shop in Barcelona.

30-07-11: Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson talk to us about the video game they have created based on the film "The Adventures of Tintin". We also talk about the puppets show "Haddock wins the lottery" from Yves Duval, first world show in catalan in València on october 7th. Our tintinologist guest of today is Facundo Fernández, president of the Asociación Tintinófila Argentina "Mil Rayos".

06-08-11: Our tintinologist guest: Magda Oranich, lawyer. Philippe Goddin talks about Dupond and Dupont.

13-08-11: Our tintinologist guest: Marius Serra, writer. Philippe Goddin talks about Tchang.

20-08-11: Our tintinologist guest: Josep Rull. Member of Catalonian Government from CiU. Philippe Goddin talks about Bianca Castafiore.

27-08-11: Our tintinologist guest: Fernando Castillo, writer. Philippe Goddin talks about Haddock.

03-09-11: Our tintinologist guest: Pedro Rey. Colector and creator of the most visited spanish Tintin blog. Philippe Goddin talks about Tornasol.

Next sunday december 25th is supposed to begin 11th season.

More info: on catradio dot cat (sorry, only in catalan)

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