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Favorite songs in Tintin musicals?

#1 · Posted: 4 Feb 2012 03:24
Hi guys! I'm back after a quite busy semester.After hearing my Tintin-Le Temple Du Soleil (2003) musical soundtrack while relaxing myself,I wondering what's your favorite songs from the musical.Here's mine both french and dutch version!(I haven't listened the 2001,2002,and 2007 version so this list might change later,however I found some of them on youtube!)
In French version:
1.La Victoire Du Coeur (my favorite song,Totally 1st on the list! too bad I can't find the lyrics anywhere,I would love translate it to English so I can understand it!)
2.Milou Et Moi (Touching song! too bad I can't find the lyrics!)
3.L'empire des riches (I found Tintin's voice relaxing)
4.Tintin Et Milou (The music is my kind of style)
5.Soleil (Final) (again,Tintin voice stole my heart!)

In dutch version my favorite song will be:
1.Kuifje Help Ons (2007 Version)
2.De Zon (2001 version)
sooo..what's your favorite song?
#2 · Posted: 5 Feb 2012 12:28
Being from England, I didn't have chance to see any of the Temple of the Sun performances, but a few years ago I did see the adapation of Tintin in Tibet- plainly titled "The Adventures of Tintin."

It wasnt a musical as such, but it did have an atmospheric soundtrack; the piece of music at the very end was particularly wonderful, and thankfully memorable, as I could not find it anywhere since.
#3 · Posted: 4 Mar 2017 01:46

I know this is several years delayed, but I happen to own both the 2002 and the 2003 francophone soundtracks to the musical. I speak French and understand the musical perfectly. I can definitely give you an idea of what each song is about--at the moment I don't have time to translate the whole thing!

1. La Victoire du Coeur: This is Fleur, the daughter of Prof. Clairmont singing about how worried she is about her sick father. She sings, "Oh, Tintin, help us! Mama does not dare to ask "Help us!" for my Papa. He sleeps all the time and the doctors talk as though they don't know what's happening to my father. Tintin, help me, not for me, but for my dad. My mother tells me that you are an expert. Help my father get well again and I implore you to find out why he's sleeping all the time. I want him to get out of bed and see the brilliant sunshine again. Help my mother cure her husband and bring my dad back to me."

2. Milou et Moi: Tintin sings about how Snowy brings him a croissant every morning and wakes him up with sloppy wet kisses. Sometimes Snowy breaks things, but Tintin doesn't mind because Snowy has saved his life so many times he can't even count. Snowy is his closest companion and all he has if he loses Snowy, he loses everything. It's sung after Snowy gets kidnapped by the condor and Tintin thinks he is dead. Then at the end, Snowy runs out of his hiding place, totally fine.

I'll try to do the others when I have time!

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