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Tintin films: why not make original adventures?

#1 · Posted: 6 Feb 2012 13:29
When he died, Herge insisted that there should be no more Tintin adventures, but does anyone know if this extended into the realm of TV and film?

The Ellipse-Nelvana TV series followed the original books fairly closely; and the current film has been at the very least inspired by the books as well, even if it is a mish-mash of plots.

Does anyone know the terms under which Spielberg and Jackson developed the plot and the characters? Couldn't they, for example, come up with their own original storyline which is not based on any of the books?

This was the case of previous Tintin films like "Golden Fleece" and "Lake of Sharks". If they did that then even I might be tempted to see such a film.
#2 · Posted: 7 May 2012 23:16
Good point - I think it goes both ways. I like to see the stories in well lit action, but as I know the stories so well, then there is never suspense or question as to what happens next or what the mystery is. I LOVED Toison d'Or - mystery of the Golden Fleece- as it kept me glued in; also the real "european french humor" was brilliant!
However, a completely new adventure may not do Tintin's character justice; one might loose/forget Tintin's character when changing the story around him.
It's a delicate situation ...

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