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Belvision: Tintin "owned" by Starz Media?

#1 · Posted: 28 Jun 2012 05:21 · Edited by: Moderator
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Moderator Warning: It is forbidden by the rules of the forum to discuss where or how to obtain pirate material. From your post it is clear that you are aware that Tintin is a property protected by copyright, and yet you have not only talked about uploading a pirate copy of a copyright video, you linked to where to find it.

Your actions could lead to Irene, the owner of this site being subject to legal action, and possibly to Tintinologist.org being shut down.

Please respect the rules of the forum, and the laws of copyright, and do not repeat such an action here. Any further similar activity could lead to am immediate site ban.

As far as the general question you pose, Harrock n Roll has done some research, and Starz Media are the parent company of both the Starz television channel, and also Anchor Bay, who put out the Belvision movie DVD box-set (Calculus Affair/ Prisoners/ Lake of Sharks); it's therefore entirely plausible that they hold rights to the other Belvision cartoons too.

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