Hergé's Cameo Appearances / Blond Man Spotting

List first created: January 2000; last updated: 23 Jan 2008

The Calculus Affair

Calculus Affair screenshot

(12:00) At the Hotel Cornavin in Geneva, Hergé can be seen walking along the front desk, behind Tintin and Haddock, with a map folded under his arm.

Calculus Affair screenshot

(32:00) Hergé is in the audience of the opera in SzohĂ´d where Tintin and Haddock are hiding from Colonel Sponsz.

The Red Sea Sharks

Red Sea Sharks screenshot

(07:00) Hergé is a guest at the Excelsior (hotel) when walking along the front desk as Tintin and Haddock ask the desk staff about General Alcazar.

Red Sea Sharks screenshot

(24:00) Hergé is a guest Marquis Di Gorgonzola's luxury yacht, The Sheherazade. This scene is difficult to spot. Tip: look out for the Marquis dancing with an oriental lady—Hergé can be seen in the background, on the left hand side.

Tintin in Tibet

Tintin in Tibet screenshot

(08:00) After Tintin and Haddock's visit with Chang's uncle, Hergé can be seen jotting something down on a writing pad.

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