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An Analysis of Herge's Portrayal of Various Racial Groups in The Adventures of Tintin: The Blue Lotus [892KB PDF]
By Alexander S. Laser-Robinson.
This article was originally published in Euonymous 2005-2006, the e-anthology of first-year writing students at The George Washington University, and is re-hosted here by permission.
Arumbaya Explained
By Andrew Pilcher
Chief Avakuki: Enefda Arumbayas ket chimdai lavis gutsfa gahtah’z. Nomess in’h! [Translation: And after Arumbayas catch him I'll have his guts for garters, no messing!] My grandpa said this to me a few times when I was a child, but he never actually ended up using my intestines to keep his socks up …
Great Snakes! The Adventures of Tintin: The Blue Lotus—An analytical reading
By Tara Jacob
History of The Black Island
By Garen Ewing
By today's standard, The Black Island album is quite different from the original comic strip that appeared between 1937 and 1938. Find out what's changed.
Red Rackham’s Treasure / Tintin in Tibet—The Unusual Connection
By Rodney Willis†
The Adventures of Tintin
By Russell Towle†. When a Belgian cartoonist first imagined Tintin and his dog Snowy, and sent them off on an adventure to Communist Russia, a cult was born that has since spread across the world.
Tintin Crosses The Atlantic: The Golden Press Affair
By Chris Owens
Tintin in America—A book review in comic strip format
By Garen Ewing
Tintin In Tibet: Hergé—His Masterwork
By Rodney Willis†

Tintin characters

Ambidextrous Tintin
By Klas Eriksson and Irene Mar
Two lefthanders’ quest after evidence to prove that Tintin is left-handed.
Robert Sexé: the real-life Tintin?
By Irene Mar
French writer, Jean-Paul Schulz's research reveals uncanny similiarities between Tintin and a Great War correspondent, Robert Sexé.
Tintin and the Blue Epilogue: An imaginary coda
By Mick Sleeper
As a fictional character, Tintin can never really die, but did you wonder what would happen if he aged?
Tintin’s Clothes
By Jesper Jühne
Jesper examines the changes in Tintin’s wardrobe through the years.
Tintin’s Meals
By Christopher Weeks
A mostly serious, if tongue-in-cheek, examination of Tintin’s eating habits.

Tintin movie, merchandise and product reviews

The Adventures of Tintin: Canadian DVD release—A review and comparison
By Richard Bullivant
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (2011)—A review [Tintin movie review]
By Simon Doyle.
Tintinologist.org senior staff, Simon Doyle, reviews Spielberg’s first Tintin movie at a special charity screening at BAFTA.
Snowy, I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore
By Paul Bissex
A review of The New York Times Notable Book of 1995, Tintin in the New World. In this book, the globe-trotting reporter charts the dark, restless geography of his own mind.
Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece and Tintin and the Blue Oranges – a review of the new DVD releases from the British Film Institute
By Chris Owens
Tintin and the World of Stamps
By Ethan White
Tintin Stamps From the Royal Dutch Post
By Rob Winkels

Tintin events

BAFTA/MediCinema charity screening of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, London, 2011.—See "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (2011)—A review" filed under Tintin movie, merchandise and product reviews.
By Simon Doyle.
Hergé at the Centre Pompidou (Hergé centennial exhibition 2007)
By Richard Wainman
Remembering Tintin’s Museum Exhibition in Stockholm
By Anders Karlsson
Tintin: 60 Years of Adventure
By Chris Owens
Chris recounts his experience working at the special Tintin 60th anniversary exhibition in London.
Tintin in the Far East Exhibition in Haarlem
By Rob Winkels
Tintin Festival, 2009
By Brian Ventham
First hand account of the Tintin Festival, 2009.
Tintin in Welsh Book Launch
By Oliver Battrick
The World of Tintin Conference
By Simon Doyle
Coverage of the conference held at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK, Saturday 15th May, 2004.
The World of Tintin Exhibition in London [Review]
By Andrew Pilcher
The World of Tintin Study Day
By Garen Ewing
Coverage of ’The World of Tintin Conference’ held at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK, Saturday, 15 May 2004.
The World of Tintin Exhibition in the Hague [Review]
By Rob Winkels


Interview with Michael Turner and Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper
Our exclusive interview with the translators of the English edition Tintin books. The translators recall some of the obstacles they encountered, their relationship with Hergé and reveal future projects. By Chris Owens.


All Hergé Did Was Steal
By Peter Breedveld
In Defence of Hergé
By Garen Ewing
Was the creator of Tintin a wartime NAZI collaborator?
A Search for the Inspirational Sources of Hergé
Examples of contemporary inspiration in Hergé’s Work
By Frank Madsen
Was Hergé a Seer?
By Tony Tan
Some of Hergé’s books offer an astonishingly prophetic view into the future.


City of Joy Still Waits for Tintin
By Srinjay Chakravarti
My Visit to Brussels
By Andrew Patton
The Resurgence of an Old Friend
By Khodadad Rezakhani
Tintin in Walibi Theme Park
By Cliff Laureys

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