Tintin In Tibet: Hergé – His Masterwork

February 2010 (Revised October 2010)

At this point in the Adventures of Tintin, during significant personal crisis for Hergé, he was at the height of his creative talent abilities - Already displayed evidently in other prior adventures. Yet it was in Tibet which he truly defined Tintin especially and Haddock as characters immortal in the history of the strip cartoon. At this point in his life, despite the negative opposition and valid concern of many close to him due to his mental state, he created a tale which stands the test of time. The definitive Tintin adventure which paved the way for The Castafiore Emerald. The masterful work of gripping suspense for readers where (somewhat frustratingly for some!) no standard Tintin adventure actually happens ...

In Tibet it shows Hergé the master of narrative, unusually deviating from the normal storytelling he has displayed in other past adventures. It shows a tale of pure friendship, the desire to prevail and overcome obstacles at all costs despite opposition and, most importantly, it shows the true test of friendship and trust between contemporaries whether it be Tintin/Chang, Chang/Snowman (Yeti) or especially Tintin/Haddock.

Near the conclusion of the adventure, the Grand Abbot proclaims Tintin ‘Great Heart’ as well as ‘Rumbling Thunder’ for Haddock, suitable titles for both characters which personify their character traits deservedly. Further in 2006, Tintin became a recipient of the Dalai Lama’s Truth of Life award. He was the first fictional character to be so awarded with such an honor. This was due to Tibet so greatly introducing readers to the beauty that is the country Tibet and its unique culture.

In no other adventure is Tintin so highlighted as a beacon and shining light as a perfect human being. Something we all aspire towards in every walk of life. Something which continually captivates us to read and enjoy his adventures so many years after the last adventure was completed by that acclaimed master Hergé….

For me, Tibet is truly a classic. A beautiful Tintin adventure in every way. So masterful, so moving, so wonderfully done.

Rodney Willis, Cronulla, Australia.