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“Unicorn” Movie: Moulinsart copyright question

#1 · Posted: 21 Nov 2011 02:43
Hello all.

I grew up with Tintin, and consider it an important part of my early literary education! I have a quick question about the new movie.

Perhaps this a very basic distinction I do not understand: how are the new Unicorn movie and the tie-in video game legally allowed to be made?

Moulinsart maintains that Hergé did not want Tintin to continue after his death, and yet this (as well as the unfortunate Tintin video games of the 1990s) seems to be a clear violation.

I apologize if this has already been covered elsewhere in the forum, I tried to find it, but could not. I've spent many evenings poring over these wonderful forums in the past, but this is my first ever time posting.

#2 · Posted: 21 Nov 2011 05:38
Well, Spielberg and Jackson worked with Moulinsart to make the movie. As for Herge not wanting new Tintin, he didn't want new Tintin adventures. The movie covers two existing albums with some of their own ideas. That's still not a new adventure.
#3 · Posted: 21 Nov 2011 12:29
I'm presuming that when Hergé said no more adventures he meant as in no more comic books drawn by other artists. We also know that Hergé and Spielberg did actually get in touch in the early 1980s just before Hergé's death through intermediaries. Hergé was very keen on having a Spielberg-directed Tintin film and he would have known that as part of the deal Hollywood would vary the original plot.

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