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R.I.P.: Géri (Henri Ghion), Roland Garel, Jacques Kamb, Dick Millington

#1 · Posted: 7 Feb 2015 19:55
February 2015 does not appear to be a good time for veteran cartoonists. Four have been reported deceased within a few days of one another.

First there was the Belgian Henri Ghion aka Géri (23 March 1934 - 2 Feb 2015) who was a regular contributor to Tintin magazine from the mid-1950s to 1980 and also worked at Studios Hergé where he was a colourist and background artist. Much of his own work however is currently out-of-print.

Then there was the Frenchman Roland Garel (1 January 1931 - 4 Feb 2015) whose work is also very obscure but is remembered as a union man who championed the rights of fellow cartoonists, including paid leave, regular salaries and bonuses.

Another Frenchman was Jacques Kamb (2 March 1933 - 6 February 2015) whom I remember from reading the weekly comic Pif Gadget in the 1980s. I know him best for "Dicentim le petit franc" (which would be "Tencents the Little Frank"), a humorous medieval series about how a little man plays tricks in order to get back at the big bully who picks on him.

And then there is British cartoonist Dick Millington ( - 4 Feb 2015). Some might remember his Daily Mail comic strip I Don't Believe It which features a Victor Meldrew-like so-and-so who always grumbles about how things have changed since his day.

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