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The Phantom: Sy Barry

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#1 · Posted: 28 Feb 2004 09:12
An artist whose work I very much enjoy is Sy Barry.
Although I've only read his Phantom renditions, they are almost all of top quality (the stories are often stupid, but he wasn't to blame for that). Examining some of his work from different periods (he drew The Phantom for 34 years), it's easy to see how his style changed, from the rather Wilson McCoy-ish[1] first few stories, to his own action-rich clear artwork.

In fact, I'd rate Sy Barry's art (in The Phantom, at least) as highly as Hergé's, although it's different in many ways.

Anyway, just thought I'd bring up someone else for discussion! :)


[1] Wilson McCoy drew the Phantom for about 20 years, but his artwork is nowhere near Sy Barry's in quality. However, it easily beats that of Ray Moore, who was the original Phantom artist. Visit http://ipcomics.bengling.net/phantom-classics/index.htm to compare them. :)

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