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Valuation: Tintin and the Golden Fleece, 1961 edition

#1 · Posted: 1 Nov 2006 16:41
Tintin and the Golden Fleece, hardback English-language edition, good condition, published 1961 by Methuen.
Can anyone give an estimated value please?
The assistants at the Tintin shop in Convent Garden didn't know it existed when I asked them some months back.
#2 · Posted: 1 Nov 2006 19:19
About £60, abebooks is a good guide. Might get lucky on ebay and it go for more

#3 · Posted: 1 Nov 2006 20:05
Thanks for the help jocko.
Hmmm, £60 isn't too bad I guess, but I hoped that it would be worth a bit more because I thought it was quite a rarety.
Maybe I'm wrong about that - is The Blue Oranges rarer than this one?

Actually, I've had the book 21 years and bought it for a pound on a stall in Romford Market, so anything above a quid is a bonus!

In all those years I haven't even read it or seen the film.

Not sure I would sell it but if I were to sell I think you're right, a big bidding war on eBay would probably be the way to go.

Thanks again.
#4 · Posted: 1 Nov 2006 23:28
Ebay can inflate a price or leave you sorely dissapointed, its a gamble I suppose.

There are very few Tintin books that are worth selling IMO, especially if you are a fan. As none of the english language ones are worth that much

#5 · Posted: 1 Nov 2006 23:59
oh right, cheers jocko. Ebay is def a gamble. Yeh I am a fan thats why I probably wouldn't sell it. But was interested in its value. The chances of finding these books of the films seem pretty slim so am glad I have one. I started reading them at a very young age about 33 years ago I remember the Golden Fleece book at my local library but I never got it out. So when I saw it 12 years later I had to have it.
#6 · Posted: 2 Nov 2006 09:37 · Edited by: jock123
About £60, abebooks is a good guide.

I’d be as cautious with abebooks as I am with eBay in regards to pricing - there are just as many well over-expensive items there as on auction sites, and in fact eBay is in some ways a more democratic process, as the cost is what you want to pay, whereas abebooks just lists what dealers want. Of course, you may also pick up a bargain, but it pays to shop around.

That said, Rik, your £60 figure sounds quite possible!
#7 · Posted: 2 Nov 2006 14:52
I have been watching a recent eBay auction of the Tintin and the Blue Oranges book with interest, trying (perhaps wrongly) to gauge a price for my Golden Fleece book.

I'd say that it is probably worth more to a Tintin fan than it is to a dealer who wants to make a profit.
It's at £132 at the moment, and with 3 days to go it will probably creep up.
I was still wondering whether The Blue Oranges book is the rarer of the two?

I remember I did see The Golden Fleece valued at about £60 somewhere on the net, but that was about 3 years ago.

I don't suppose you can really put a price (perhaps a guide price maybe) on these books as is it all down to what someone wants to pay for it in the end.

Would anyone disagree or agree with that?

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