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Tintin in Tagalog?

#1 · Posted: 26 Jul 2004 16:42 · Edited by: Jyrki21
As I'm based in the Philippines for another month or so, I was hoping to find a copy of Tintin in the local indigenous language for the area that Manila is in, Tagalog. My first few efforts have been stymied, though, as I've only found him in English.

The two main problems are that pretty much everyone in the Philippines speaks English really, really well with an extremely rich vocabulary -- and not necessarily as a backup language either -- and also that this is not one of the heaviest-reading societies around, particularly among those whose English is less than near-perfect.

Does anyone know if Tintin was ever even produced in Tagalog?

On another note, I was recently visiting Bangkok and am now kicking myself for forgetting to comb the place for a Thai language Tintin, which I'm certain is find-able. I even thought to look for a T-shirt, just not a book. :(

I may be in some more backward places later like Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar... anyone know if Laotian, Khmer or Burmese have made it onto the Tintin circuit?
#2 · Posted: 26 Jul 2004 20:32
I can't find any sign of Tintin being availalbe in Tagalog. It is available in Khmer however. But, only The Blue Lotus.


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