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Tintin and Hergé: How did Tintin's adventures relate to their author's life?

#1 · Posted: 11 Aug 2004 13:24 · Edited by: Moderator
Hi, I'm in the process of completing a piece of French course-work about Tintin.
My actual title is "To what extent are the Tintin adventures related to the life of their author Hergé?".
Can anyone give me an opinion on this, so I can add it to my coursework to show I have asked other Tintin fans, and taken into account what they think?

#2 · Posted: 11 Aug 2004 17:34
Any artist can't but help have their life seep into their work... and vice versa. As you're probably aware there are many interesting episodes in Hergé's life that were reflected in his work - Tintin in Tibet being a major case.

One of my favourite smaller ones is the parallel between Tintin being 'restarted' by LeBlanc after the war, and the scene in Seven Crystal Balls/Prisoners of the Sun (Tintin Magazine) where Haddock pounces back into life, out of his dressing-gown and into his old sailor's outfit - ready once again for adventure.

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