The Castafiore Emerald

The Castafiore Emerald
Tintin © Hergé/Moulinsart.

Original French title

Les Bijoux de la Castafiore

Publication history

First published in Tintin between 4/7 1961 to 4/9 1962.

Published in book form in 1963.

UK edition translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michale Turner.

First published in Britain in 1963 by Methuen, in collaboration with Casterman.

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When the old gypsy fortune-teller reads Captain Haddock's palm, she foresees trouble at Marlinspike Hall. Indeed, Tintin, Snowy and the Captain are scarcely home again before misfortune strikes. An accident, an unexpected visitor, an invasion by press and television, and then a robbery. Bianca Castafiore's emerald disappears. All of Tintin's skills are needed to reveal the identify of a strange and ingenious thief. [AR]


  1. The reporters Christopher Willoughby-Drupe and Marco Rizotto, can also be found on page 61 of The Black Island and on page 5 (frame 8) of Tintin and the Picaros [IM, G]
  2. Typo - page 19, last frame: "exercise" is misspelt as "excercise" - the typo has been found in 1984 Magnet edition and the 1999 Mammoth edition books. [SC]
  3. Page 24, frame 8: Castafiore does not need to remove the wasp sting because wasps do not leave their sting behind. [EC]
  4. Page 41, frame 6 and page 44, frame 3: the number of steps on the stairs changes from 14 steps on page 41, to 16, on page 44. [EC]
  5. Page 58, frame 11: in the French edition, there is confusion between les Dupondt: "Pour nous, l'acclaire est faire, n'est-ce pas Dupont?" says Dupont. [EC]
  6. Page 17, frame 1: 8 steps shown on mainstairs, but 9 steps shown in other frames; for example, page17, frame 12; and page 29, frame 12. (Seven steps shown in The Calculus Affair, page 3, frame 1. [LS]
  7. Marlinspike Hall's front door lock and knockers first appear in this album. [LS]
  8. The ceiling is light green on page 57, frame 4; but it is white on page 58, frame 4. [LS]
  9. Bianca Castafiore's bracelet shifts from one wrist to another: compare magazine cover (page 41, frame 8) with other frames (e.g., page 34, frame 3; page 35, frame 14). [LS]
  10. Page 39, frame 9: Tintin's right eyebrow is missing. [LS]
  11. Page 42, frame 8: Bottom part of Castafiore's neck is yellow. [LS]
  12. The handle of the battery tape recorder changes from white to brown (page 53, frame 4). [LS]
  13. Page 54, frame 6: Washtub is missing a handle. [LS]
  14. Page 54, frame 2: the metal bands on the lid of the trunk (in which Tintin and Snowy hide) are not shown; however, they are shown in other frames (e.g. page 53, last frame). [LS]
  15. Page 15, frame 7: the right front leg of the desk is in the wrong shape and wrongly placed.

Title in other languages

  1. Aclot - Les Berlokes del Castafiore
  2. Alsatian - De Castafiore ihre schmuck
  3. Arabic - Tantan mujawharat Biyanka Kastafiyur
  4. Basque - Castafioreren bitxiak
  5. Bengali - Pana Kothai
  6. Breton - Bravigou ar Castafiorenn
  7. Brussels regional dialect - De bijous van de Castafiore
  8. Catalan - Les joies de la Castafiore
  9. Chinese - China: 绿宝石失窃案 (Lü baoshi shiqie an) / Hong Kong and Taiwan: 綠寶石失竊案 (Lü baoshi shiqie an)
  10. Corsican - Ghjuvelli di a Castafiore
  11. Danish - Det gådefulde juveltyveri
  12. Dutch - De juwelen van Bianca Castafiore
  13. Farsi/Persian - Javahirati Castafiore
  14. Finnish - Castafioren korut
  15. Galician - As xoias de Castafiore
  16. German - Die Juwelen der Sängerin
  17. Greek - Ta Kosmimata tis Kastafiore (To Smaragdi tis Kastafiore)
  18. Hebrew - Ha'yahalom Shel Kastafyore
  19. Icelandic - Vandræði Vailu Veinlólínu
  20. Indonesian - Zamrud Castafiore [Indira edition] / Permata Castafiore [Gramedia edition]
  21. Italian - I gioielli della Castafiore
  22. Japanese - カスタフィオーレ夫人の宝石 Katasufiore hujin no Hoseki / Castafiore fujin no houseki
  23. Lëtzburgesch - Der Castafiore's hir bijouen
  24. Picard - Les Pinderleots de l'castafiore
  25. Portuguese - As joias de Castafiore
  26. Serbo-Croatian - Smaragd gospodje Kastafjore
  27. Spanish - Las joyas de la Castafiore
  28. Swedish - Castafiores juveler
  29. Turkish - Kastafiore'nin Mücevherler
  30. Twents (a Dutch dialect) - 't Smokweark van Bianca Castafiore
  31. Vietnamese - Viên ngoc bích Castafiore

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