Hergé's Cameo Appearances / Blond Man Spotting

List first created: January 2000; last updated: 27 March 2009.

Tintin in America

Tintin in America screenshot

Taking the beginning of the credits as 00:00, the blond man (Hergé) appears at about 15:30–15:40 as the scene changes from Smile's cabin to a room full of gangsters. The blond man is sitting in the front row, wearing a black tie. The dialogue immediately before and after the man's appearance is: ... the police are waiting ever since Tintin came into town...

Cigars of the Pharaoh

Cigars of the Pharaoh screenshot

This episode has two Hergé appearances. First, about 18 minutes into the action, Hergé appears on Rastapopoulos' film set as one of the crew behind the camera when Tintin interrupts the action.

Cigars of the Pharaoh screenshot

Later (at around 33:00), Hergé stands in the grounds of the mental asylum when Tintin is escaping.

The man in the foreground who is holding the pipe resembles Hergé's friend and collaborator, Edgar Pierre Jacobs. Jacobs created the famous Blake and Mortimer series. [Information courtesy of site readers, mct16 and Steven Gielen.]

The Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus screenshot

About three minutes into the episode, Hergé can be seen leaning on a lamp post checking his watch when Tintin arrives at Mitsuhirato's department store window.

Blue Lotus screenshot

Later (30:00), Hergé appears again sitting in a tea house in Hukow, just before Tintin meets Thomson and Thompson.

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