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List first created: January 2004; last modified: 28 December 2012.

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Tintin and friends mentioned extensively in The Nautical ChartLa carta esférica (The Nautical Chart: A Novel of Adventure)

Novel by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

The author makes an extended reference to “Red Rakham's Treasure” and “The Secret of the Unicorn”. [Spotted by Paco. Image © Punto de Lectura, S.L.]

Tintin mentioned in Keith Richards' autobiographyLife

The autobiography of Keith Richards, guitarist, songwriter, singer, and founding member of the Rolling Stones.

Tintin is mentioned in the book, according to expert Tintin spotter, Dennis Mccullough. [Spotted by Dennis Mccullough. Image © Back Bay Books.]

Tintin spotted in A Killer in Kailash: Adventures of FaludaA Killer in Kailash: Adventures of Feluda

Novel by Satyajit Ray

Author Satyajit Ray has the narrator (Topshe) enjoying "Tintin in Tibet." Satyajit Ray is an Oscar-winning director and author from Bengal, India. Ray is a self-confessed Tintin addict. [Spotted by Narayan Radhakrishnan. Image © Puffin Books.]

Tintin spotted in Scarlet TracesScarlet Traces

Comic book by Ian Edginton and D'Israeli.

Haddock, Tintin and Snowy can be spotted on page 42, looking rather haggard. Scarlet Traces is published by Dark Horse (2003), and the story is a kind of sequel to H. G. Wells' 'War of the Worlds'. [Spotted by Garen Ewing. Image © Dark Horse.]

Cover artII

The cover art of the January 1991 7" single (entitled "II") by a band called "Nuisance" featured a frame from Tintin in Tibet. The record was released on Very Small Records. The sleeve does not mention any Hergé/Moulinsart copyright information, so we assume that permission was not obtained. It does, however, credit Hergé as the cover artist. [Spotted by our UK Correspondent, Oliver Battrick. Image © Nuisance.]

Album cover artIntercept!

Bent's 2007 album cover art, which based on an image from The Red Sea Sharks. Bent is a two-piece electronica act from Nottingham, England, consisting of Neil "Nail" Tolliday and Simon Mills. [Spotted by our UK Correspondent, Richard Wainman. Image © Bent.]

The Voronov Conspiracy - Blake and Mortimer

In Blake and Mortimer's adventure, The Voronov Conspiracy appears the restaurant and restaurant owner found in The Ottocar's sceptre (Klow). [Spotted by Panos Grammatikopoulos.]

Zombie WorldZombie World detailZombie World: Champion of the Worms (collected edition)
Page 11
Written my Mike Mignola
Drawn by Pat McEown

The broken ear statue appears on page 11. [Spotted by Garen Ewing. Image © Dark Horse.]

Le Mystere de la Grande Pyramide IntegraleLe Mystère de la Grande Pyramide Intégrale - Blake et Mortimer
Page 58.

A shop front reads "Herge - & co"; E.P. Jacobs worked with Hergé on some of the Tintin books and at the Journal Tintin, where this story was serialised.
[Spotted by Richard Wainman. Image © éditions Dargaud-Lombard s.a.]

Asterix in BelgiumAsterix in Belgium
Page 33.

[Spotted by Garen Ewing. Image © Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny]

Fantastic FourFantastic Four

Fantastic Four Vol. 3, #1 released January 1998, drawn by British artist Alan Davis and written by American writer Scott Lobdell. [Spotted by Gerry Alanguilan. Images © Marvel Comics]

Teen TitansTeen TitansTeen Titans

The DC Comic is from a series of 21 issues that spotlighted various characters from the Teen Titans. This is issue 11 (June 1987) which featured The Brotherhood of Evil who get transported to another world where they meet Tin (who rides a large white 'halfwolf') and his friends 'the Captain' and 'the Professor'. The Captain tells of them going to the Moon from 'a small European country' and the professor being 'kidnapped by the eastern Bloc', with mentions of a Chinese attack on Tibet, a conference in Sidney and war in a 'banana conglomerate'. Later a character called Minos appears - wearing a cowboy outfit, pink shirt and looking mightily familiar. Overall, it's quite a bad story! [Spotted by Garen Ewing. Images © DC Comics.]

Jar of FoolsJar of Fools

Jar of Fools is a two-part book by Jason Lutes, a Seattle-based writer-artist. The books were published by Black Eye Productions in 1995. Jar of Fools originally appeared in serialized form in the Seattle, Washington "Stranger", and the Providence, Rhode Island "Nicepaper".

Jar of Fools detailJar of Fools

This cameo appears in book 2, page 5, where the hero of the story, Ernie Weiss, enters a shop. The shot of the shop is an almost identical shot of the diving supply shop Tintin and Captain Haddock enter in page 9 of Red Rackham's Treasure, complete with the old haunched shop owner. The cameo continues up until page 6. [Spotted by Gerry Alanguilan 08 February 2000. Images © Jason Lutes]

AlcolixAlcolix: La Vraie Parodie

Alcolix: La Vraie Parodie - Gamber's Parodie No. 2 by Jens Jeddeloh, in collaboration with Stefan Mittag and Karl Hoche. Editions Saga - Hans Gamber (Munich). [Spotted by Irene Mar. Image © Jens Jeddeloh]

Get Fuzzy

Comic strip by Darby Conley - Sunday, 17 June 2001, a character is reading "Explorers on the Moon." [Information supplied by Khodadad Rezakhani 18 June 2001]

Not Exactly True Tintin Cameos

Asterix the LegionaryAsterix the Legionary

Page 21, last panel. Tintin does not really appear here. However, the Belgian recruit seems to go to the same barber as Tintin, as they both have the same haircut. The haircut appears a couple of other times in the book (it is usually covered by his helmet). [Spotted by Luis and many other fans. Image supplied by Richard Wainman. Image © Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny]

Darths & Droids (Web comic)

Episode 160, first frame. Obi-wan says: "You mean that Goatee Guy! We'll rough him up until he tells us where the Lost Emerald of Castafiore is." [Spotted by Jeff (aka Captain Chester)]

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