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Land of the Soviets: Page numbering problems?

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#11 · Posted: 20 Apr 2005 13:33
Thanks very much for your feedback everyone. Much appreciated.

Just to clarify, the first page of the story begins on page 4 in my English 1999 edition book and were I to count pages back, this would make the front cover page 1. It seems that Freek's Dutch copy has an inserted page between the cover and the start of the book, and that makes more sense. If I count the front cover as page 1, page 2 (back side of cover) contains a forward by the translators, page 3 contains the title again, and page 4 (back side of page 3) is the beginning of the story proper.

Also, I have counted all the pages and none are missing. It numbers to 141 but in fact there are 141 - 4 = 137 pages.

It's a strange thing, all these versions and variations!

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