Professor Calculus' Inventions

  1. Soda-water maker [Red Rackham's Trasure]
  2. Clothes brushing machine [Red Rackham's Treasure]
  3. The Wall Bed [Red Rackham's Treasure]
  4. Electric-powered submarine with oxygen supplies for two hours' diving [Red Rackham's Treasure]
  5. Moon Rocket [Destination Moon]
  6. Ultrasound Emitter [The Calculus Affair]
  7. Motor-roller-skates [The Red Sea Sharks p61]
  8. Super Calcacolor TV [The Castafiore Emerald] - colour TV with poor picture quality
  9. New breed of white roses, "Bianca" [The Castafiore Emerald]
  10. Herbal tablets that keep alcoholics away from the bottle [Tintin and the Picaros]
  11. Machine that replicates three dimensional objects [Tintin and the Lake of Sharks]

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