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Calculus, Cuthbert

Début: Red Rackham's Treasure - page 5, frame 6 (he introduced himself in frame 13). The Scientist who invented the Shark Submarine.

  1. Calculus's original name in French is Tryphon Tournesol (meaning: Sunflower).
  2. The character was inspired by the famous inventor of the bathyscaphe, Professor Auguste Piccard.
  3. In The Calculus Affair, the professor was imprisoned in the Fortress of Bakhine.
  4. Calculus never uses hearing aids because he believes he is only slightly hard of hearing, and hearing aids are for it is for the deaf (Destination Moon, page 8).
  5. In recognition of the contribution Calculus' anti-drinking tablets made, Alcazar appointed Calculus Knight Grand Cross of the Order of San Fernando with Oak Leaves. [Tintin and the Picaros]

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  1. Calculus' name in different languages

Also appears in: Prisoners of the Sun - page 57, frame 4, The Castafiore Emerald - page 5 (throughout the album).

Also mentioned in: Land of Black Gold - page 61, frame 12.

Callao - Chief Inspector of Callao Police Headquarters

Début: Prisoners of the Sun

Capone, Al

Début: Tintin in the Congo - named on page 52, frame 1 - Villain. Remained unseen throughout the book.
Trivia: The character is based on the notorious American gangster, Alphonse Capone (1899-1947). Also known in the book as Scar Face and the King of the Chicago Gangsters.
Also appears in: Tintin in America - page 1, frame 2 (seated) - Villain. King of Chicago, who wants Tintin killed to avenge his loss in the Congo.

Cantonneau, Paul

Début: The Shooting Star - page 14 frame 1 - Professor. Member of Polar expedition team.
Also appears in: The Seven Crystal Ball - Member of the Sanders-Hardiman Expedition Team.


Début: The Broken Ear - page 46, frame 1 (also on the album cover) - Tintin's Indian guide who deserted him after one day.


Début: Prisoners of the Sun - page 60, frame 14 - Patient in the hospital bed next to Professor Sanders-Hardiman.
Trivia: See Falconer

Carreidas, Laszlo

Début: Flight 714 - page 2, frame 3 (name first mentioned on page 3, frame 3) - Millionaire; Industrialist; Aircraft manufacturer, media and commercial giant.
Trivia: Carreidas bears a resemblance to Marcel Dassult.

Cartoffoli, Arturo Benedetto Giovanni Guiseppe Pietro Archangelo Alfredo

Début: The Calculus Affair - page 38 - Helpful driver who helped Tintin and Haddock to chase down Calculus' Syldavian kidnappers.

  1. Cartoffoli avoided a hefty speeding fine, thanks to his name; the police officer who tried to book Cartoffoli gave up trying, as he couldn't catch Cartoffoli's very long name!
  2. He comes from Milan.
  3. His number plate reads: M1-2051.

Castafiore, Bianca

Début: King Ottokar's Sceptre - page 28, frame 2 (name mentioned on page 29, frame 10) - Opera Singer, also known as the Milanese Nightingale.

  1. The first performance mentioned in the series is held at the Winter Garden in Klow, Syldavia. [King Ottokar's Sceptre: page 28, frame 2]
  2. Bianca often performs at the La Scala, Milan [The Castafiore Emerald: page 32, frame 9].
  3. Bianca owes her world wide fame to her rendition of the Jewel Song from Gounod's Faust. According to a newspaper article on page 57 of The Castafiore Emerald, she was said to have performed Rossini's La Gazza Ladra.
  4. Her voice can be heard via the radio in The land of Black Gold, and Tintin in Tibet.
  5. Captain Haddock does an impersonation of the Milanese Nightingale. [Destination Moon: page 29, frame 2]

Also appears in: The Seven Crystal Balls (page 11), The Red Sea Sharks, The Calculus Affair, The Castafiore Emerald, Tintin and the Picaros.


Début: King Ottokar's Sceptre - page 42, frame ? Lord Chamberlain is one of King Muskar's officials.
Trivia: The character has no name in French (Monsieur Le Marechal).


Debut: The Seven Crystal Balls - page 26, frame 9 (name mentioned on page 45, frame 3) - police inspector at Professor Tarragon's house. He shoots the intruder that threw the crystal ball that put Professor Tarragon into a coma. He later calls police headquarters when Professor Calculus is kidnapped.

Chandra Patnagar Rabad

Debut: The Seven Crystal Balls - name mentioned on page 7, frame 11/D2 - Famous yogi.


Début: Tintin in Tibet - page 6, frame 1 - Pekingese dog.

Chang (2)

Début: The Blue Lotus - member of the anti-Japanese secret society, Sons of the Dragon. He sneaks into Mitsuhirato's house, steals the Rajaijah juice, removes the bullets from Mitsuhirato's pistol, and swaps Mitsuhirato's knife for a rubber one. Chang is mentioned by Wang Chen-Yee, the head of the anti-Japanese secret society, "Sons of the Dragon": "And Chang? ... He's still not back either?" (page 23, frame 14/D1). Chang can be seen on page 25, frame 3/A3.

Chang, Chong-chen

Début: The Blue Lotus - page 43, frame 2, a Chinese orphan saved by Tintin and later became his good friend.

  1. The character is based on Chang Ch'ong-Jen, a Chinese student and friend of Hergé's who taught him about China and inspired Hergé to adopt his now famous meticulous and realistic style.
  2. Mr Chang helped Hergé with the Chinese text for The Blue Lotus. The Chinese characters for his name, Ch'ong-Jen, can be found in the last frame of page 45 (the black text in a small green rectangular sign with red borders) and in the last frame of page 55 (the black text on a white sign located near the upper left corner).
  3. In the comics, Chang introduces himself as Chang Chong-chen [The Blue Lotus, page 43, frame 5], but he writes his name as Chang Chong-wen on the envelop of his letter to Tintin [Tintin in Tibet, page 3, frame 11]. The name carved on the rock reads Chang chong-jen / Zhang chongren [Tintin in Tibet, page 30, frame 6]
  4. Chang is the only human friend of Tintin's who has managed to reduce him to tears twice (i.e. in The Blue Lotus, page 62, frame 5, and Tintin in Tibet, page 5, frame 3, 4). Tintin also wept for Snowy (see Flight 714, page 23, frame 9).
  5. Chang was mentioned in The Castafiore Emerald [frame 10, page 5: a letter from him in London is received by Tintin].
  6. Chang carved his name on a rock in Tintin in Tibet and he spelt it: TCHANG [frame 6, page 30] - Chang's name is spelt Tchang in the original French edition book. The English translators must have forgotten to change it.

Also appears in: Tintin in Tibet

Chattermore, Colin

Début: Flight 714 - named on page 60, frame 3; appeared on frame 4 (good view of his face on page 62, frame 9) - Reporter for Scanorama.

  1. According to "Hergé - Correspondence", Chattermore is a young Tintin fan called Jean Tauré. He sent a picture of himself to Hergé and asked if he could add him in one of the books. He also expressed his wish to be shown shaking the Captain's hand. Hergé agreed, on the conditions that it stayed a secret between them and that Jean Tauré should never ask when Hergé would draw him in a book. Jean Tauré died in an accident before Flight 714 was published, so he never saw the drawings.
  2. This character is not named in the French edition.
  3. According to reader Mark Treuthardt, neither the names Chattermore nor Scanorama are mentioned in the original French edition. When translated into English, the name "Scanorama" was quite likely based on Panorama, a popular BBC TV documentary series which also includes a number of high-profile interviews, such as the one Princess Diana had with Martin Bashir in 1995.


Début: The Blue Lotus - firs seen on page 34, frame 3; name appears on page 36, frame 3 - Man servant of Professor Fang Hsi-ying.
Trivia: Chen is Tchen in the French version.

Cheng-li/Cheng, Li-Kin

Début: Tintin in Tibet - page 11, frame 10 - Owner of Chinese store in Katmandu; cousin of Chang Chong-chen's adoptive father.

Cheng, Lin-Yee

Début: Tintin in Tibet - page 13, frame 3 - Son of Cheng Li-Kin.

Chester (Captain)

Début: The Shooting Star - page 29, frame 4 (named in frame 10) - Commander of the trawler, Sirius. Shipmate of Captain Haddock's. Thanks to him and his quick wit, Tintin's boat was refueled and able to continue her journey.
Also appears in:

Chiquito (real name: Rupac Inca Huaco)

Début: The Seven Crystal Balls - page 9 frame 12 (named on page 13 frame 5) - Quichua Indian. Religious fanatic. Ramon Zarate/General Alcazar's knife-throwing act partner. He thought Calculus had committed sacrilege by putting the sacred Inca bracelet, thus he kidnapped Calculus and wanted him dead.
Also appears in: Prisoners of the Sun (page 8 frame 5 and page 48, frame 10). He is called Huaco by the Inca (page 60, frame 9).

Clarkson, Peter

Début: The Seven Crystal Balls - Photographer to the the Sanders-Hardiman expedition to South America. He was a victim of black magic which caused him to be insane.
Trivia: Clarkson, married, was 39 when he was struck by the mysterious illness upon returning from the South American expedition.

Clarkson, Peter (Mrs)

Début: The Seven Crystal Balls - page 8, frame 9 (named on page 9, frame 6) - Wife of Peter Clarkson.


Début: Tintin in the Congo (1946 edition) - page 11, frame 10 - Tintin's boy servant.

Colombani, Paolo

Début: Flight 714 - page 3, frame 9 - Villain. Co-pilot and navigator employed by millionaire, Laszlo Carreidas.


Début: The Calculus Affair - named on page 1, frame 3 (seen on page 43, frame 11) - Butcher.

  1. Cutts is a play on the word 'cuts' (cuts of meat). He was among the many who wrote to congratulate the Captain when the news of his "engagement" with Castafiore broke out. [The Castafiore Emerald: page 28, last frame]
  2. His phone number is Marlinspike 431 (Marlinspike Hall is 421 and Marlinspike police is 412).
  3. Chief of the music society of Marlinspike.

Also appears in: The Castafiore Emerald, Tintin and the Picaros. Named in The Red Sea Sharks [page 7, frame 7.]


Début: King Ottokar's Sceptre - named on page 33, frame 10 (first seen on page 35, last frame - man in blue coat) - Villain. Syldavian Court Photographer involved in the conspiracy to force King Muskar to abdicate. It was with the help of his modified camera that the conspirators were able to remove the Sceptre from the Treasure Room without being detected immediately.

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