Characters by Name: L

Compiled by staff Irene Mar. Contributions from Belgium Correspondent Etienne Chevalier

Last modified: 06 Jun 2007

Lame Duck

Début: Tintin in America - page 23, frame 4 (first identified by name on page 27, frame 6) - Tribesman of Blackfeet.


Début: The Calculus Affair - page 52, frame 7.


Début: The Calculus Affair - page 24, frame 1/A1 - The name, Lawton, was heard on the radio.

Leech, A (Doctor)

Début: Red Rackham's Treasure - page 11, frame 8/C2 - Captain Haddock's doctor.
Trivia: In the French language edition, Dr Leech is named Dr Daumiere.

Liu, Ju-lin

Début: The Blue Lotus - page 34, frame 10 - Chinese citizen; friend of Professor Fang Hsi-ying. It was after attending a banquet at his place that Professor Fang disappeared.
Other notes: refer to the notes under Chang chong-chen.


Début: Tintin in Tibet - page 46, frame 9 - Young Tibetan Buddhist Monk.
Trivia: The young monk who identified Snowy's sex (male) for us; and regarding this point, Etienne Chevalier, our Belgium Correspondent, says: Lucky English readers—we do not get this information in the French edition!


Début: The Broken Ear - name mentioned on page 53, frame 1 - The half-caste who stole the Arumbaya fetish containing the diamond.

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