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Last modified: 04 Jun 2007


Début: The Secret of the Unicorn - page 45, frame 5 (name first appears on page 45, frame 7) - Butler at Marlinspike Hall.
Also appears in: Red Rackam’s Treasure, The Seven Crystal Balls, Land of Black Gold, Destination Moon, The Calculus Affair, The Red Sea Sharks, The Castafiore Emerald, Tintin and the Picaros (where he drinks whisky and listens behind the door). Name mentioned in Tintin in Tibet (in Chang’s letter).


Début: Tintin in America - page 13, frame 1 (man on the left wearing a trenchcoat. His name was first mentioned on page 12, frame 11) - Villain. One of Bobby Smiles' men. He and his partner attempted to kill Tintin by first gassing him with the lethal O.X2Z before throwing him into Lake Michigan. The plan failed because they had used the wrong gas (Z4 the sleeping gas)!

Nieuwenhuis, Kees

Début: The Black Island - page 54, frame 10 - A name that appears on a list Tintin found on the Black Island.

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