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da Costa

Début: Land of Black Gold - mentioned on page 44, frame 14 - Pirate from Lisbon.
Trivia: In the French edition, da Costa is an "armateur", not a pirate. [EC]

da Figueira, Oliveira

Début: Cigars of the Pharaoh - page 13, frame 7 - Travelling salesman from Lisbon.
Also appears in: Land of Black Gold, The Red Sea Sharks and The Castafiore Emerald (named on page 28, last frame).

di Gorgonzola, Marquis

[see Rastapopoulos]

Dawes, Herbert

Début: The Crab with the Golden Claws - page 8, frame 13 - Drowned seaman from the merchant-ship Karaboudjan.

Dawson, J. M

Début: The Blue Lotus - page 7, frame 5 (named on page 29, frame 9; initials of first name appeared on page 44, frame 2) - Villain. Corrupt Chief of Police of the Shanghai International Settlement.
Also appears in: The Red Sea Sharks as Debrett, an arms dealer - see page 3, frames 14, 16, plus page 15, frames 1 to 5. [EC]
Trivia: Debrett's telephone number is PIC 8524.
See also: Guv


[see Dawson, J. M]


Début: The Crab with the Golden Claws - page 33, frame 5 (introduced himself on page 33, frame 6) - Commander of the Outpost of Afghar.


Début: The Broken Ear - page 22, frame 2 - Villain. Officer (Colonel) of the San Theodoros Army who out of jealousy of Tintin's quick rise to power suggested General Alcazar only to appoint Tintin a corporal giving the reason that there were already too many Colonels in San Theodoros. Unimpressed by such a suggestion, General Alcazar demoted to Diaz to corporal (page 22, frame 7). Consequently, Diaz vowed to destroy General Alcazar. Diaz was reinstated a colonel by Alcazar (page 36, frame 2).

Dick (1)

Début: Tintin in America - page 61 frame 8 (named on page 60 frame 8) - Villain driving the boat "Police 34".

Dick (2)

Début: Flight 714 - page 59 frame 10 - He is either a pilot of the flying-boat carrying the film crew covering the volcano eruption or a member of the film crew. Dick appears in frame 10 of page 59. He may be the reporter shown in frame 4 of page 60, interviewing Carreidas.


Début: The Blue Lotus - first seen on page 6 frame 3; name appears on page 17, frame 1 - Son of Wang Chen-yee. Didi saved Tintin's life on page 9. He was poisoned by the Rajaijah Juice (Poison of madness) and spent most of the story being insane. He was cured by Professor Fang Hsi-ying in the end.

Diego the Dreadful

Début: Secret of the Unicorn - page 20, frame 1 (named on page 21, frame 9) - Villain. Shipmate of Red Rackham's.

dos Santos, Pedro Joas

Début: The Shooting Star - page 14, frame 1 - Physicist of the University of Coimbra. He is a member of the Professor Phostle's Arctic expedition team.

Dove (Mr and Mrs)

Début: The Broken Ear - name mentioned on page 8, frame 1 - Quarrelling couple who live in the same building as the murdered artist, Jacob Balthazar.


Début: Land of Black Gold - page 51, frame 9 (named on page 43, frame 8) - Dr. Müller's servant, with a red cap.

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