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MacAdam, Mike

Début: Tintin in America - page 45, frame 4 - Ineffective Hotel Detective who tried to help Tintin find the missing Snowy.

MacDuff, Jimmy

Début: Tintin in the Congo (1946 edition) - page 38, frame 1 - Manager of the Great American Circus.
Trivia: MacDuff is a black man in the original edition; however in the colour edition, MacDuff is a white man.


Début: The Black Island - page 42, frame 3 - Name of one of the unfortunate Kiltoch seamen who disappeared "at sea".

MacLeod, A.

Début: The Black Island - page 62, frame 1 (bottom right hand photo, first right) - One of the four police constables photographed with Tintin.


Début: The Broken Ear - page 15, frame 13 (name first appears on page 51, frame 1) - Commander of Ville de Lyon.

  1. Mal de mer is French for seasickness.
  2. In the French colour edition, the name is Le Goffic; and his name was Dupont in the black and white edition.


Début: Tintin and the Picaros - page 15, frame 1 - San Theodorian spy assigned to watch Haddock and Calculus.

McGregor, E

Début: The Black Island - page 62, frame 1 (bottom right hand photo, first left) - One of the four Police Constables photographed with Tintin.

McPhee, Jock

Début: Land of the Black Gold - page 6 - Villain. Sailor on the Speedol Star who tried to kidnap Snowy, but ended up a nutcase.


Début: The Castafiore Emerald - page 2, frame 2 (name first appears on page 3, frame 5) - Gypsy girl.


Début: Destination Moon - page 28, frame 5 - Observatory Technican.


Début: The Black Island - page 1, frame 7 (identified in frame 9) - Pilot. One of the two pilots of the plane used for dropping counterfeit money.


Début: The Seven Crystal Balls - name first appears on page 19, frame 10; first seen on page 22, frame 6 - Director of the Darwin Museum, Dr Midge is one of the seven members of the Sanders-Hardiman expedition team.
Trivia: 'Midge' is any fragile mosquito-like insect of the family Chironomidae.


Début: The Castafiore Emerald - page 3 frame 5 (name first appears on page 4, frame 7) - Gypsy man with a quick temper.
Trivia: He calls Haddock a Gajo (one who isn't a Romany).


Début: Destination Moon - page 2, frame 13 - Villain.
Trivia: Miller's code name is KM2.
Also appears in: Explorers on the Moon


Début: The Blue Lotus - page 8, frame 3 (name first appears on page 3, frame 13) - Villain. Japanese Spy. Opium distributor.
Quotable quotes: A true Japanese knows everything, honourable sir. (The Blue Lotus, p. 8)


Début: The Broken Ear - page 42, frame 8 (name first appears on page 34, frame 9) - General; President of Nuevo-Rico.


Début: Cigars of the Pharaoh - first seen on page 9 frame 13; name appears on page 10, frame 2 - Villain. Member of the drug trafficking ring. It was he who handed Tintin, Snowy and Sarcophagus to Allan Thompson.

Mohammed (2)

Début: Land of Black Gold - page 16 frame 6 (the driver) - Villain. One of the two men who kidnapped Tintin. Mohammed wore an orange shirt.


Début: Tintin in the Congo - page 24 frame 3, name 28 frame 7 - Sorcerer of the Babaoro'm.

Mull Pasha

Début: The Red Sea Sharks - page 26, frame 12 - Villain. Revolutionary Leader (page 60, frame 1).

[see also: Müller]

Müller, J. W.

Début: The Black Island - page 10, last frame (first name initials seen on page 13, frame 15) - Villain.
Trivia: Dr Müller is also known as Professor Smith, an archaeologist and representative of Skoil Petroleum in Land of Black Gold (page 35, frame 14) and Mull Pasha in The Red Sea Sharks (page 26 frame 12 , link muller – mull Pasha explained in the newspaper page 60 frame 1).
Also appears in: Land of Black Gold, The Red Sea Sharks.


Début: Land of Black Gold - page 43, frame 6 - Dr. Müller's servant.

Muskar XII of Syldavia

Début: King Ottokar's Sceptre - page 21 and page 38, frame 1 - Monarch of Syldavia.

  1. His name is mentioned in Explorers on the Moon, page 47, frame 4.
  2. In previous editions, mistakenly referred to as Muskar IV.


Début: King Ottokar's Sceptre - page 53, frame 3 - Villain. Head of the Iron Guards that was responsible for plotting King Muskar's downfall.
Trivia: The name is a synthesis of Mussolini and Hitler.
Related article: In defence of Hergé

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