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A. C.

[see Capone, Al]

Abd El Drachm

Début: The Crab with the Golden Claws - first seen on page 51, frame 12/D2 (Named on page 51, frame 10) - Villain. One of Allan's men.


Début: Cigars of the Pharaoh - page 25, last frame - Army corporal who forces Tintin to enlist in the army under the name of Ali-Bhai. The character, Ali-Bhai may be inspired by real-life Catalan spy-report-adventurer, Ali Bey. For more information on Ali Bey, see the trivia section of Cigars of the Pharaoh.


Début: Land of Black Gold - page 43, frame 6 (mistaken as Murad). Named in page 51, frame 9 - Dr. Müller's servant.


Début: Land of Black Gold - named on page 36, frame 9; portrait seen on page 39, frame 8; appears on page 49, frame 10 - The very spoilt son of Emir Ben Kalish Ezab of Khemed.
Also appears in: The Red Sea Sharks. Also named in Destination Moon page 47, frame 9 and in Tintin in Tibet, page 4, frame 5.


Début: Land of Black Gold - page 36, frame 9 - Emir Ben Kalish Ezab's servant.
Also appears in: The Red Sea Sharks - named on page 30, frame 8.

Achmed (Colonel)

Début: The Red Sea Sharks - mentioned on page 26, frame 11, and can be seen on page 27, frame 8 - One of the rebel officers.
Trivia: Colonel Ahmed in French.


Début: The Crab with the Golden Claws - page 33, frame 1 - One of Lieutenant Delacourt's men.
Trivia: Achmed in French.

Ahmed (2)

Début: Land of Black Gold - page 24, frame 12 - One of Dr Müller's men.


Début: The Broken Ear - named on page 20, frame 4; appears on page 22, frame 2 - President of San Theodoros.

  1. He was three(?) times the President of the Repulic of San Theodoros.
  2. He enjoys playing Chess and knife throwing.
  3. Addressed by his wife, Peggy, as ZaZar.
  4. Alcazar is a form of military architecture of medieval Spain, generally rectangular with defensible walls and massive corner towers. Inside was an open space (patio) surrounded by chapels, salons, hospitals, and sometimes gardens. The finest surviving example from the Moorish period is Sevilla's Alcázar Palace; begun in 1181 under the Almohads and continued by the Christians, it exhibits both Moorish and Gothic features, including a decagonal brick tower, the Torre del Oro. [Encylopædia Britannica, and MC.]

Also appears in: Seven Crystal Balls, The Red Sea Sharks, Tintin and the Picaros.

Alcazar, Peggy

Début: Tintin and the Picaros - page 41, frame 1 - The cigar-smoking wife of General Alcazar.

Alembick, Alfred

Début: King Ottokar's Sceptre - first seen on page 16, frame 2; true identity revealed on page 61, frame 1 - Villain, Professor Alembick's twin brother and imposter. He was a key figure in the conspiracy against King Muskar. Using his brother's identity as a scholar, he had access to King Ottokar's Sceptre.
Trivia: Alembic is an obsolele type of retort used for distillation. [Source: Collins Dictionary of the English Language, Second (Australian) Edition, 1986]

Alembick, Hector

Début: King Ottokar's Sceptre - page 1, last frame - Scholar, expert on Sigillography, the study of seals.
Trivia: Lives at 24 Flyaway Road. Chain smoker. Landlady is Mrs Piggot.


[see Tintin]

Allan (also known as Allan Thompson)

Début: Cigars of the Pharaoh - page 9, last frame; identified on page 14, frame 7 - Villain, Smuggler, Captain of the boat, Sereno. The Crab with the Golden Claws - First Mate on the Karaboudjan under Captain Archibald Haddock's command.


  1. Original début: The Crab with the Golden Claws. The Captain of the Sereno was somebody else in the black and white edition. In the colour edition, in 1955, Herge modified this character into Allan.
  2. Name in Cigars of Pharaoh: Allan Thompson

Also appears in: The Red Sea Sharks - Rastapopulos' stooge, Captain of freighter, Ramona. Flight 714 - Rastapopulos' right hand man, disappeared with his boss on an alien spaceship.


Début: Prisoners of the Sun - page 8, frame 8 - Sailor on the Pachacamac.


Début: Tintin and the Picaros - page 12, frame 5 - An army colonel and Aide-de-Camp to General Tapioca.

Anatole (Uncle Anatole)

Début: The Calculus Affair - name first mentioned on page 5, frame 12 - Barber. Insurance salesman Jolyon Wagg's uncle.


Début: The Castafiore Emerald - first appears on page 30, frame 5 (man with black beard, at the top of the stairs) and later identified on page 31, frame 7 - Television Director.


Début: Mentioned in Tintin in Tibet - page 23, frame 2 - According to Tintin's local guide, Tharkey, Anseering is a sherpa who has seen the Yeti.


Début: The Seven Crystal Balls - page 8, frame 4 - Man (in the front row audience at the Hippodrome) whose name Madam Yamilah correctly guessed.


Début: The Broken Ear - page 52, frame 5 - Chief of the Arumbaya people.

  1. Avakuki = Have a cookie
  2. Original name is Kaloma, or kale (bold) oma (familiar name for grand mother) in Brussels dialect.
  3. Tintin meets Avakuki again in Picaros (page 33, frame 5), yet Tintin does not seem to recognize the Chief.

Also appears in: Tintin and the Picaros.


Début: The Red Sea Sharks - page 30, frame 5 - Emir Ben Kalish Ezab's pet cheetah.

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